Sunday, 17 January 2010

The Delay in Diet Blog Was Due To Snow On The Line..

Well, it works for public transport so why not me?

My apologies in writing a new blog post but was jolly busy, what with work & dieting & having a life outside, which I have to say, is awfully stressful.

Right, on to the good part.. I lost 7lbs last week! Which puts me at 15 stone 10 lbs & my BMI classifies me as overweight & not obese, which is nice.

So, 2nd week back on track & am feeling fab, it is nice not to be bloated & have energy & ultimately, be in control of what I eat again.  I bought some weightwatchers scales, as I know I can do this without meetings & to be honest, the meetings held me back..

I found that going to the meetings each week was very stressful & that stress manifested itself into bad eating. So remove the trigger & it suddenly becomes easier.  So am doing well & the scales are fine to use, they show my weight, that is all I need.  I believe that some technology hinders progress, but that is for another topic.

We shall see what wednesday brings.  New blog post on its way with an actual weightwatchers topic on it, gasp!

Stay Frosty x