Thursday, 21 May 2009

& this is just for show :D

Which Way Is Up?

That was my face when I started weightwatchers, I still am like that sometimes.. But after losing weight my face changed to this..

It makes sense really (Well maybe to me) but after being on the diet for so long, we tend to forget what it was like at the beginning, or how enthusiastic we were to take the few intrepid steps into the unknown.. I try to recreate the 1st time to help me understand the diet.

Experience makes it easier, but have you ever noticed how complacent you become the longer you are on it? Thinking to yourself that having that takeaway won't matter as you can lose it next week.

I remember the 1st few weeks were so strict I thought that if I didn't lose, the WW assassins would come through the door & remove me from existence. But with time I am becoming too relaxed & need to really try harder than I have been.

At the end of the day, no excuse is going to make me lose weight.. I could anthropromorphise any situation or foodstuff to blame for not sticking to the diet, but I need to keep reminding myself that it is just me & nothing else.

I found my old card from 2005 where I lost 6 stone in 6 months.. I had so many silver 7's on it I needed sunglasses to read it. Why can't I do that now? I need to put my mindset into hardcore & stop being a fatty!

But days occur where we let ourselves down & sometimes, the beating up isn't going to prevent it or make it any better. So we plod on & with any luck take one more step forward that will rule out the steps we take back.

Oh & I put on 4lb this week.. I have this knack of spectacular weight loss & weight gain. There is no happy medium in my diet.. But I am still under 18 stone so am not too angry at myself.

So for the next 2 weeks I need to lose.. This will work in 2 ways, I will look good for a fancy dress I'm going to be dressed as Bruce Willis in the 1st Die Hard film & 2nd it will give me the impetus to finally realise that I can't keep yoyoing to the extent I have been.

On another note..

That is a cat on a jet fighter, your argument is invalid ;)

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Woo Hoo! etc

Well, I went to Weigh in & lost 8.5lbs, I can't really say much about that to be honest, as am speechless.

Yes I know I have put on 7.5lb in the previous 3 weeks, so am chuffed to have removed that & an extra lb also.. But I have stuck to the diet quite well & feel proud.

I am half a lb away from having my 3 stone mark :D

So am now going to get some food.. New blog post coming soon x

Have fun x

Friday, 8 May 2009

Wearing Sunglasses

Because it was a bit dark where I was.. Am back now.

Thank you to the people who left me kind words, it was very comfroting to know that I wasn't alone x x

I kicked myself up the bum last week & decided that I have no time to be upset or down.. I have to get on with it no matter what & to hell with it.

So my apologies for the delay in writing. I have commenced the diet again & looking forward to the result next week.

I shall leave this one here as am having a block of imagination, but rest assured the next one will be longer x