Monday, 30 March 2009

Something Something Diddly Doo..Hmm?

There was something I was meant to tell you.. But I can't remember what exactly. It really bugs me when I have these 'brain farts' & am trying to figure it out.. What was it? I tell you what, transforming back into human from a giant space lizard really does play merry hell with your memory

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Giant Space Lizards!

I now realise why I put on so much weight last week.. I turned into a Giant Space Lizard, who would have thought of the odds of that? But I am better now & that is funky.

Well, I hadn't exactly been on the plan last week, but I went to weigh in this week & lost 1lb.. which i am mega chuffed about as I thought I was looking at another increase.. Phew!

So I am back now.. & have bought myself some new clothes to add to the mountain I have that don't fit to inspire me. I got a lovely polo shirt which is mega funky & can't wait to fit into it..

Can you believe I have been trying to finish this since thursday?? It has been one thing after another.. Okay mostly misfiring of neurons in my brain but still. . I should have this licked by now.

Am pretty chuffed, I made the move fully over to Firefox now, as was getting sick of IE7.. & the deciding factor? Twitter!

Yep, I joined Twitter last week & whilst having a good mooch on Firefox 3, I noticed an add on that allows me to send & recieve tweets on my browser.. so instead of having to go to the actual site to do it, I can just use it from whatever site I am perusing which is cool..

I have used Firefox for over a year now, be it just for small stuff like one forum & a website , but now am using it full time.. I have buckets of add ons that make my life easier & makes it fun to use.. & I actually enjoy using Firefox. IE7 was just becoming an annoyance..

My diet is going okay this week.. Nowt special to report I guess x

Oh, but if you fancy following me on Twitter, look for FilthTroll (I will explain the nickname)..

Have a good one x

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Inspiration & Positivity.

Had my weigh in today - 8lbs on!

I did have a week off from weightwatchers & I did inhale an awful amount of stuff, including some things that were possibly unidentifiable in origin.

However, instead of feeling dreadful or remorseful I am completely happy with it.. What is the point of feeling bad about putting on weight? It only leads to a worsening of mood & then a complete destruction of dieting.. I suppose a positive attitude to this diet helps on both counts & not just on when we lose weight but also when we gain.

I have said this before, so won't bore you with it again. But following my week off I am glad to be back on the wagon again & doing the diet. Sometimes you just need to have some time off to appreciate something & to fully stay on track; I learnt a few things & now am happy to be on the diet again.

A few people have said I am an inspiration to them.. Not just the weight loss, but also my positive attitude to the diet; that I seem to be happy no matter the result & that I always have this way of finding the good points to something others would find dispiriting or disheartening.

I don't take compliments well, never have, but I find that if I inspire people it spurs me on & grounds me to the diet.

Well, only until I have time off from it that is.. x

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Weigh in x

Well, went to my weigh in & lost 4.5 lb!

I am now 17 stone 6.5 lbs & have lost a total of 43.5lbs x

I am so happy.. It has been years since I was in the lower 17's so am feeling fab at the moment.

I ate all fresh food & no processed food this week & feel much better for it.. My clothes fit better & some are too big!!

Now to aim for the 16's!!

Try stopping me :)

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Do or Do Not.. There Is No Try.

My utmost apologies for not updating my blog in almost 2 weeks.. It has been a string of interesting days to say the least, but these things happen & well, everything is in one piece still & the Earth hasn't stopped spinning.

So where were we? Okay, first thing is first.. my mummy is still in hospital, but in all honesty it is like a Bed & Breakfast as she is fit as a fiddle. The medical team is unsure if it was a heart attack but we are still waiting for the angiograms to be done as the machine broke down last friday & everyone had to be pushed back; so once we have that we can move forward. The only thing my mummy is suffering from is acute boredom!

Secondly, I put on half a pound last wednesday. Do you know what though? I couldn't give 2 stuffs about it.. It is half a pound, big deal. In the grand scheme of things, it is not even a step back, it is just one of those things.

I know why I put on as well, I had a donner on pitta with chips the wednesday my mum was admitted & a thai takeaway on saturday night as I didn't want to cook.. I could go blaming other people or use the excuse of my mum being in hospital, or a plethora of reasons; but the fact of the matter is it was me, pure & simple.

So I put on.. Oh well, next!

This week has been unusually different though. I seem to have gained a jedi like tenacity (you see what I did there? The title, for you star wars fans out there, is a quote from Yoda!) about me & I have been so focused.. since wednesday I have cooked fresh every night.

Wednesday seemed to be one of those days, where I sometimes explain to new members of Weight Watchers, like it was when Neo realises he is the one in The Matrix. (Bear with me on this one x)

My girlfriend is having some time off from WW (so to speak) & was hungry, so was my sister & her fiance.. I offered to go get them the food. This was a bit daft as I was thinking of wanting some myself at first. So I went to the takeaway & ordered the food for them. But here is the rub, I didn't have any, I dropped the food off to them & I left them to it.

It was all thanks to an article I read in Men's Fitness about how thinking yourself thin is as vital as dieting. There was some good tips, but the one that stood out was the one that stated the minute you say 'I can't' or 'I'm not allowed that' the more you want it & suggested instead of thinking 'I can't', replace it with 'I choose not to..'. So before ordering the food I tried it & it stopped me.

By changing how I thought, it empowered me into making the right decision, but willingly instead of struggling. I have used that a few times up to now & it is working.

The Matrix thing is from when you start WW & you struggle, but then you have a moment of clarity & everything about it makes sense. I like to call it the 'Matrix Moment'..

So not only have I changed my lifestyle, I have changed the way I think as well. Which has got to be a good thing x