Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Inspiration & Positivity.

Had my weigh in today - 8lbs on!

I did have a week off from weightwatchers & I did inhale an awful amount of stuff, including some things that were possibly unidentifiable in origin.

However, instead of feeling dreadful or remorseful I am completely happy with it.. What is the point of feeling bad about putting on weight? It only leads to a worsening of mood & then a complete destruction of dieting.. I suppose a positive attitude to this diet helps on both counts & not just on when we lose weight but also when we gain.

I have said this before, so won't bore you with it again. But following my week off I am glad to be back on the wagon again & doing the diet. Sometimes you just need to have some time off to appreciate something & to fully stay on track; I learnt a few things & now am happy to be on the diet again.

A few people have said I am an inspiration to them.. Not just the weight loss, but also my positive attitude to the diet; that I seem to be happy no matter the result & that I always have this way of finding the good points to something others would find dispiriting or disheartening.

I don't take compliments well, never have, but I find that if I inspire people it spurs me on & grounds me to the diet.

Well, only until I have time off from it that is.. x


  1. Well done for climbing back on the wagon and also well done for not making a huge thing of the gain - these things are sent to try us and I'm sure that the gain will be gone again ASAP.

  2. It's funny how you can think you're not making any headway in making this a "lifestyle". However, just take a "break" and see how that makes you feel. Then you realize that the changes you've made, you want them back rather than the old habits.
    It's also great to know that you can get right back on track!!!
    Good Job!!!

  3. Great attitude! I agree that there is nothing wrong with having times where you eat whatever you like, when you want and then pulling it back when needed.

    Keep up the hard work and you're looking fab! xox