Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Giant Space Lizards!

I now realise why I put on so much weight last week.. I turned into a Giant Space Lizard, who would have thought of the odds of that? But I am better now & that is funky.

Well, I hadn't exactly been on the plan last week, but I went to weigh in this week & lost 1lb.. which i am mega chuffed about as I thought I was looking at another increase.. Phew!

So I am back now.. & have bought myself some new clothes to add to the mountain I have that don't fit to inspire me. I got a lovely polo shirt which is mega funky & can't wait to fit into it..

Can you believe I have been trying to finish this since thursday?? It has been one thing after another.. Okay mostly misfiring of neurons in my brain but still. . I should have this licked by now.

Am pretty chuffed, I made the move fully over to Firefox now, as was getting sick of IE7.. & the deciding factor? Twitter!

Yep, I joined Twitter last week & whilst having a good mooch on Firefox 3, I noticed an add on that allows me to send & recieve tweets on my browser.. so instead of having to go to the actual site to do it, I can just use it from whatever site I am perusing which is cool..

I have used Firefox for over a year now, be it just for small stuff like one forum & a website , but now am using it full time.. I have buckets of add ons that make my life easier & makes it fun to use.. & I actually enjoy using Firefox. IE7 was just becoming an annoyance..

My diet is going okay this week.. Nowt special to report I guess x

Oh, but if you fancy following me on Twitter, look for FilthTroll (I will explain the nickname)..

Have a good one x

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