Saturday, 27 June 2009

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Weigh In (Redux)

Just though I would pad this out as was a bit thin on the ground.

I lost 2.5 lb this week. I am now 16 stone 13lb & 51lb lost x Am so pleased.. I didn't expect to lose, I thought I sts at the very best, but I bounced about when I got off the scales.

I'm like a celebrity now in the ww meetings.. I helped out at the evening one I go to & my leader was showing me off :D

I wanted to hit the 16 stone bracket for 6th July (My 32nd birthday) so now am aiming for 5lb off for then.. if not am not fussed but it would be nice.

I have a fun packed day tomorrow, 0930 helping my leader at another meeting (Am doing the flip flop thing) then coming home & then going through the mountain of brand new, unworn clothes to see if any fit.. I can almost get into size 38 so it's going to be fun.

I am putting some before & after pics on, mainly from peer pressure from NCU on the weightwatchers forum, as my chums wanted to see me.. So here we are.

Before (at 20 stone 8lbs)

& now at 16 stone 13lbs

& a face pic :D

Before (20 stone 8lbs)

& after

I don't see it, but that is just me. I hope there is a difference x That wasn't to fish for compliments, but I see myself as fat, I guess from a lifetime of being fat I think.

I also am waiting for my 50lb certificate, but for now I still have one from 2005, so I have a post it note over it saying 2009.. It serves the same purpose.

Oh & thank you to evryone who commented on my posts.. I am not being ignorant, for some reason firefox won't let me post a comment so am trying to resolve it.. I think it might be a script issue, but shall show my gratitude here until I resolved it.. Thank you x

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Weigh In

Well, I lost 6lbs this week.. Am over the moon, as this means this is the 1st time I have been 17 stone 1.5lbs in 4 years at least! My BMI is coming down & I feel so much better..

But I did put on a lb last week & sts the week before so basically should be lucky & now knuckle down to a steady weight loss each week instead of being dim..

But it is off & I am 1.5 lbs away from 50lb, plus not far from the 16 stone bracket now, yay!

Have got some good blog material coming soon too.. so bear with me :D

Sunday, 7 June 2009

The Sit Up Contention

4 Golden Abs Rules

1. DON'T DO SIT UPS. Jamming your feet under a bench & forcing your chest back and forth off the ground for hours on end will give you the world's strongest hip flexors, but won't do a thing for your abs. There is no single best abs move: aim to work the core through crunches, twists & planks, shaking up your routine every few weeks.

2. DO KEEP CARDIO SESSIONS SHORT. Pounding your local pavements for mile after mile is great when preparing for a marathon, but short, fast interval & hill training is much more effective for burning calories, so it will help you shift that layer of belly blubber that keeps yor hard abs under wraps.

3. DON'T RUSH EACH SET. Keeping your muscles under tension for longer is the most effective way to make them grow back bigger & stronger, so don't crank out your crunches quickly. Instead take around three seconds to lift, hold for a couple, then lower back down in three. It's harder, but that's the point isn't it?

4 DO WORK THE ABS LAST. The abs provide stability for your body during big compound lifts, such as squats, deadlifts and bench presses, so don't wear them out by working them at the start of your session, risking injury. Even better, dedicate a whole session to just your abs, including reverse crunches, side planks & jacknifes.

I read about people doing hundreds of sit ups & getting no benefit.. I do like it when I read something that helps :D

Friday, 5 June 2009

My humble apologies all round..

I have been busy with things & stuff & neglected my blog.. shame one me indeed x

Well the week before last I lost 6lb & this week I stayed the same.. it's better than a gain I guess.

I found an interesting article in Men's Fitness the other day so am going to share it with you.. We do most of this on weightwatchers but always good to see it vindicated in part.

A-Z Of Slim

A is for Avocado - The Oleic Acid found in avocados triggers a reaction in the body that can stave off hunger pangs

B is for Breakfast - A big breakfast kickstarts your metabolism. Studies clearly show that breakfast eaters are slimmer than those who skip the meal.

C is for Cortisol - Your adrenal glands secrete this stress hormone when your body is under pressure. It tells the body to refuel itself even when it doesn't need it. So stay relaxed to stay lean.

D is for Vitamin D - The amount of Vitamin D in the blood influences the functioning of the hormone leptin, which tells the body it is full. The best source of Vitamin D is sunshine, but you can also find it in eggs, milk & oily fish.

E is for Eggs - Studies have shown that people who eat eggs for breakfast take in fewer calories throughout their day. This is thanks to their high protein content, which makes you feel full.

F is for Flavour - You'll eat less & feel fuller faster if you spice up the flavour of the food, according to new research. Herbs & seasonings will stimulate your tastebuds without adding calories.

G is for Gum - Chewing gum is a great way of distracting you from sweet, calorie-dense cravings. Researchers have found that you can save around 47 calories by chewing gum after lunch.

H is for H2O - Dehydration can often be mistaken for hunger, so if you are feeling peckish try drinking a glass of water. It can also raise your metabolic rate & help flush out your system.

I is for Insulin - Insulin levels rise when we consum excessive sugar & refined foods such as white bread & cakes. This sends your body a hormonal message telling it to store & hold on to excess fat, so avoid these foods if you want to shed fat.

J is for Journal - Keeping a food diary can increase the amount of weight you lose. Scientists believe that writing everything down encourages people to eat less & recognise problem areas.

K is for Kebabs - If you crave fast food, these aren't too bad - As long as you opt for the grilled chicken in pitta. The chilli will cause your body to let go of excess water & also keep up your metabolism firing for up to 3 hours.

L is for Leptin - Fat cells secret this hormone to tell your brain you're full. Research suggests that crash diets can lower leptin, prompting you to eat more.

M is for Milk - It's high in calcium & protein, which can reduce weight gain & increase fat breakdown, especially around the stomach.

N is for Nuts - Nuts are packed with omega 3 fatty acids, which can boost your metabolic rate & mental performance. They also contain fibre & protein, which makes them satisfying.

O is for Organisation - Healthy eating takes forward planning if you're on the go & struck by hunger, you're more likely to grab a chocolate bar than a bag of nuts & seeds. Keep yoghurts, fruit & nuts handy & plan your meals in advance.

P is for Protein - Protein keeps you fuller for longer than other food types, and you burn more energy digesting it. Eat a portion with every meal - you can get it from lean meat, fish, eggs or pulses such as lentils & beans.

Q is for Quinoa - This wholegrain contains as many carbohydrates as pasta, but with the added bonus of protein & fibre to keep you feeling full.

R is for Regular - Aim to eat every 2 to 3 hours by dividing your daily calories into 3 meals & 2 snacks. If you feed your body frequently it's less liable to store fat.

S is for Scales - Stepping on them regularly keeps weight on the forefront of your mind. It's easier to prevent weight creeping on than it is to get rid of it.

T is for Trans fats - These are chemically altered vegetable oils found in processed foods such as cakes, biscuits & some packet soups. Your body can't process them soit stores them as fat instead.

U is for Undress - Your salad that is. Croutons & salad dressings turn a low-calorie meal into one high in calories & fat. Instead, use plenty of tasty tomatoes & pepper, & drizzle with olive oil or balsamic vinegar. If you still miss that crunch from the croutons, add a handful of nuts.

V is for Variety - Limit variety on your plate. Humans have a built-in 'sensory specific satiety', which means there is only so much of one food we can eat before we get bored & stop eating.

W is for Weekends - Successful weight losers are consistent & eat sensibly at weekends as well as in the week. A rest from healthy eating is fine, but choose one day & stick to it.

X is for Xylitol - This sweetener has half the calories of sugar. Its GI rating is low so it doesn't quickly raise & lower your blood sugar levels, which can cause cravings & energy slumps.

Y is for Yo-yo - Yo-yo dieting will slow your metabolism down, make you crave fatty foods & make the body store fat so you'll only be fatter than before.

Z is for Zzzz - Lack of sleep affects your metabolism, boosting your appetite & decreasing leptin levels. According to US research, an hour's nap can reduce your day's calorie intake by 200.

I found it jolly interesting & it does help in understanding the basic principles of dieting & weight loss.