Tuesday, 29 December 2009

When Ideas Aren't Best Thought Out..

I am currently waiting on weigh in sometime next week to start the diet.. So why dont I start it now? It is daft, that I need an exact point in time to commence something that I could start today & feel better in a couple of days.. the logic is blinding.

And the funny thing is I am sick of eating crappy foods, I just don't feel it anymore. I am at that point now where my body is physically to used to the junk food.. where the points between junk food & comfort correspond & healthy eating is just a blur.

I could start the weightwatchers tomorrow with the greatest of ease, but I am waiting for a time when I can go to a weigh in.  Maybe it is the point of finding out how much I have inhaled which is stopping me from dieting now, to shock my subconscious into realising what damage I have done. & by not dieting now I have an accurate representation of the scale of destruction my falling off the wagon has done, maybe.

Or maybe it is that I am scared.

Either way, next weigh in I am going & 2010 is going to be the year I get to goal.  I have too much to look good for that I cannot be a fatty.  Vanity? Oh hell yes!

Monday, 28 December 2009

What Manner Of Time & Space Is This?

Where am I? & for that matter, where have I been?!

Oh it feels an age since I have been here & I have missed it too.. So allow me to state that I am okay & just been too busy, but am getting things on track again x

I managed in November to get to 14 stone 10.5lbs, from 20 stone 8lbs, but have epically failed & been off track for what seems like aeons ago.

But am going to go to the New Year meeting & finally get this back on track, because boy! Am I feeling it now..  I feel grotty & bloated, but most of all I miss the implemented regime that helped me back on track.

I miss blogging, so am starting again to put down my thoughts & somehow make sense of this life..

It has been too long & I have missed you all x

Thursday, 3 September 2009

It has been awhile..

Where were we?

The last Blog I posted was saying I had a sneaky peek on my friends scales & showed I had lost 8.5lb.. So was quite pleased with that.. I was 16 stone 10.5lb & happy.

Well.. I went to official weigh in the week after & was actually 15stone 12.5lb, so if you remove the sneaky peek & take into account I was 17stone 5lb last official weigh in, that is 21.5lb loss!! Over the moon was an understatement..

& last week went again & lost another 4lb, so that put me at 15stone 8.5lb.. half a pound away from a 70lb loss, which is not bad if I do say so myself x

So went to weigh in yesterday afternoon.. & lost another 3lbs!!

So currently I am 15 stone 5.5lbs, which is more than I expected. I am now 19.5lb from goal.. I am aiming for that by christmas..

So all in all, it is has been worth it x

Friday, 31 July 2009

Well, what a nice surprise..

I wasn't intending to weigh in, but was at friend's house last night & the scales was calling me..

Well, bearing in mind, that I last weighed in on the 8th July after a week off the diet & weighed 17 stone 5lbs.

I am now 16 stone 10.5lbs, so a loss of 8.5 lbs which I am really pleased with..

So am keeping it up & seeing what the next 3 weeks brings :D

Monday, 27 July 2009

Subway :D

Walked into a subway in the city centre after work, to get something for my dinner & the manager saw my uniform.. I got a foot long meal deal for £4.49p, which is a bonus.  And  I got a privilege card, so as long as I go in my uniform then I get this discount.

I knew why there was a reason I enjoy being a nurse hee hee x

I always like subway, as for 10 points I can have a foot long chicken breast, lettuce & light mayonnaise on Honey Oat, & it fills me up until tea time.. Also, having 30 points a day gives me some freedom to enjoy it & not think about it.

Weightwatchers is going well, & when in work I have a structure now so it helps with the diet; & I plan much better now.
Am looking forward to weighing in mid august & seeing how much I have lost.. Am resisting sneaky peeking!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Absence makes the memory go funny :D

Dear blogging fellows

I am writing this letter to say with deepest regret, how sorry I am for not blogging in what seems aeons ago.. Sometime in the far far distance I posted something to which my memory is a little hazy, but now am back.

The reason for this absence is that I started work 2 weeks ago after a long period of unemployment, I am so glad I now have a job & finding it fun, frisky & frolicky, not to mention fundamental, fantastic & something else beginning with f.. I feel great & my diet is going wonderfully well. 

Furthermore can I apologise for the accidental alliteration which persistently pops up unintentionally in this brilliant blog..  It is with saddened surprise that the actual alliteration is caused by magical me to alleviate anxieties about my death defying disappearance.

I have to considerably confess that I haven't weighed in for 2 weeks now as I have been working shifts which means I can't get to meetings, however I am still pointing & tracking, & am throughly enjoying the diet in question.

I hope to get to a meeting after pay day so that I can do monthly pass (okay, so that isn't until 18th August), but I have to admit, not having to weigh in each week is less stress & am finding it easier to just chill out & enjoy weight watchers, rather than having to stress each week about how much i have to lose.

Where I am working there is 3 floors & being a nurse I have to keep on the go, which helps with my fitness.. I am finding it easier to get about now I have lost some weight & in all, the job is helping my weight loss.

My apologies for the disturbing delay in blogging & also, this long letter.

I hope I find you all well & that this letter finds you all in superb spirits x


P.S. I am using ScribeFire (Firefox Add-On) to write this blog as it means I can do it from my FireFox browser rather than having to go on blogger :D

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Weigh In (Redux)

Just though I would pad this out as was a bit thin on the ground.

I lost 2.5 lb this week. I am now 16 stone 13lb & 51lb lost x Am so pleased.. I didn't expect to lose, I thought I sts at the very best, but I bounced about when I got off the scales.

I'm like a celebrity now in the ww meetings.. I helped out at the evening one I go to & my leader was showing me off :D

I wanted to hit the 16 stone bracket for 6th July (My 32nd birthday) so now am aiming for 5lb off for then.. if not am not fussed but it would be nice.

I have a fun packed day tomorrow, 0930 helping my leader at another meeting (Am doing the flip flop thing) then coming home & then going through the mountain of brand new, unworn clothes to see if any fit.. I can almost get into size 38 so it's going to be fun.

I am putting some before & after pics on, mainly from peer pressure from NCU on the weightwatchers forum, as my chums wanted to see me.. So here we are.

Before (at 20 stone 8lbs)

& now at 16 stone 13lbs

& a face pic :D

Before (20 stone 8lbs)

& after

I don't see it, but that is just me. I hope there is a difference x That wasn't to fish for compliments, but I see myself as fat, I guess from a lifetime of being fat I think.

I also am waiting for my 50lb certificate, but for now I still have one from 2005, so I have a post it note over it saying 2009.. It serves the same purpose.

Oh & thank you to evryone who commented on my posts.. I am not being ignorant, for some reason firefox won't let me post a comment so am trying to resolve it.. I think it might be a script issue, but shall show my gratitude here until I resolved it.. Thank you x

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Weigh In

Well, I lost 6lbs this week.. Am over the moon, as this means this is the 1st time I have been 17 stone 1.5lbs in 4 years at least! My BMI is coming down & I feel so much better..

But I did put on a lb last week & sts the week before so basically should be lucky & now knuckle down to a steady weight loss each week instead of being dim..

But it is off & I am 1.5 lbs away from 50lb, plus not far from the 16 stone bracket now, yay!

Have got some good blog material coming soon too.. so bear with me :D

Sunday, 7 June 2009

The Sit Up Contention

4 Golden Abs Rules

1. DON'T DO SIT UPS. Jamming your feet under a bench & forcing your chest back and forth off the ground for hours on end will give you the world's strongest hip flexors, but won't do a thing for your abs. There is no single best abs move: aim to work the core through crunches, twists & planks, shaking up your routine every few weeks.

2. DO KEEP CARDIO SESSIONS SHORT. Pounding your local pavements for mile after mile is great when preparing for a marathon, but short, fast interval & hill training is much more effective for burning calories, so it will help you shift that layer of belly blubber that keeps yor hard abs under wraps.

3. DON'T RUSH EACH SET. Keeping your muscles under tension for longer is the most effective way to make them grow back bigger & stronger, so don't crank out your crunches quickly. Instead take around three seconds to lift, hold for a couple, then lower back down in three. It's harder, but that's the point isn't it?

4 DO WORK THE ABS LAST. The abs provide stability for your body during big compound lifts, such as squats, deadlifts and bench presses, so don't wear them out by working them at the start of your session, risking injury. Even better, dedicate a whole session to just your abs, including reverse crunches, side planks & jacknifes.

I read about people doing hundreds of sit ups & getting no benefit.. I do like it when I read something that helps :D

Friday, 5 June 2009

My humble apologies all round..

I have been busy with things & stuff & neglected my blog.. shame one me indeed x

Well the week before last I lost 6lb & this week I stayed the same.. it's better than a gain I guess.

I found an interesting article in Men's Fitness the other day so am going to share it with you.. We do most of this on weightwatchers but always good to see it vindicated in part.

A-Z Of Slim

A is for Avocado - The Oleic Acid found in avocados triggers a reaction in the body that can stave off hunger pangs

B is for Breakfast - A big breakfast kickstarts your metabolism. Studies clearly show that breakfast eaters are slimmer than those who skip the meal.

C is for Cortisol - Your adrenal glands secrete this stress hormone when your body is under pressure. It tells the body to refuel itself even when it doesn't need it. So stay relaxed to stay lean.

D is for Vitamin D - The amount of Vitamin D in the blood influences the functioning of the hormone leptin, which tells the body it is full. The best source of Vitamin D is sunshine, but you can also find it in eggs, milk & oily fish.

E is for Eggs - Studies have shown that people who eat eggs for breakfast take in fewer calories throughout their day. This is thanks to their high protein content, which makes you feel full.

F is for Flavour - You'll eat less & feel fuller faster if you spice up the flavour of the food, according to new research. Herbs & seasonings will stimulate your tastebuds without adding calories.

G is for Gum - Chewing gum is a great way of distracting you from sweet, calorie-dense cravings. Researchers have found that you can save around 47 calories by chewing gum after lunch.

H is for H2O - Dehydration can often be mistaken for hunger, so if you are feeling peckish try drinking a glass of water. It can also raise your metabolic rate & help flush out your system.

I is for Insulin - Insulin levels rise when we consum excessive sugar & refined foods such as white bread & cakes. This sends your body a hormonal message telling it to store & hold on to excess fat, so avoid these foods if you want to shed fat.

J is for Journal - Keeping a food diary can increase the amount of weight you lose. Scientists believe that writing everything down encourages people to eat less & recognise problem areas.

K is for Kebabs - If you crave fast food, these aren't too bad - As long as you opt for the grilled chicken in pitta. The chilli will cause your body to let go of excess water & also keep up your metabolism firing for up to 3 hours.

L is for Leptin - Fat cells secret this hormone to tell your brain you're full. Research suggests that crash diets can lower leptin, prompting you to eat more.

M is for Milk - It's high in calcium & protein, which can reduce weight gain & increase fat breakdown, especially around the stomach.

N is for Nuts - Nuts are packed with omega 3 fatty acids, which can boost your metabolic rate & mental performance. They also contain fibre & protein, which makes them satisfying.

O is for Organisation - Healthy eating takes forward planning if you're on the go & struck by hunger, you're more likely to grab a chocolate bar than a bag of nuts & seeds. Keep yoghurts, fruit & nuts handy & plan your meals in advance.

P is for Protein - Protein keeps you fuller for longer than other food types, and you burn more energy digesting it. Eat a portion with every meal - you can get it from lean meat, fish, eggs or pulses such as lentils & beans.

Q is for Quinoa - This wholegrain contains as many carbohydrates as pasta, but with the added bonus of protein & fibre to keep you feeling full.

R is for Regular - Aim to eat every 2 to 3 hours by dividing your daily calories into 3 meals & 2 snacks. If you feed your body frequently it's less liable to store fat.

S is for Scales - Stepping on them regularly keeps weight on the forefront of your mind. It's easier to prevent weight creeping on than it is to get rid of it.

T is for Trans fats - These are chemically altered vegetable oils found in processed foods such as cakes, biscuits & some packet soups. Your body can't process them soit stores them as fat instead.

U is for Undress - Your salad that is. Croutons & salad dressings turn a low-calorie meal into one high in calories & fat. Instead, use plenty of tasty tomatoes & pepper, & drizzle with olive oil or balsamic vinegar. If you still miss that crunch from the croutons, add a handful of nuts.

V is for Variety - Limit variety on your plate. Humans have a built-in 'sensory specific satiety', which means there is only so much of one food we can eat before we get bored & stop eating.

W is for Weekends - Successful weight losers are consistent & eat sensibly at weekends as well as in the week. A rest from healthy eating is fine, but choose one day & stick to it.

X is for Xylitol - This sweetener has half the calories of sugar. Its GI rating is low so it doesn't quickly raise & lower your blood sugar levels, which can cause cravings & energy slumps.

Y is for Yo-yo - Yo-yo dieting will slow your metabolism down, make you crave fatty foods & make the body store fat so you'll only be fatter than before.

Z is for Zzzz - Lack of sleep affects your metabolism, boosting your appetite & decreasing leptin levels. According to US research, an hour's nap can reduce your day's calorie intake by 200.

I found it jolly interesting & it does help in understanding the basic principles of dieting & weight loss.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

& this is just for show :D

Which Way Is Up?

That was my face when I started weightwatchers, I still am like that sometimes.. But after losing weight my face changed to this..

It makes sense really (Well maybe to me) but after being on the diet for so long, we tend to forget what it was like at the beginning, or how enthusiastic we were to take the few intrepid steps into the unknown.. I try to recreate the 1st time to help me understand the diet.

Experience makes it easier, but have you ever noticed how complacent you become the longer you are on it? Thinking to yourself that having that takeaway won't matter as you can lose it next week.

I remember the 1st few weeks were so strict I thought that if I didn't lose, the WW assassins would come through the door & remove me from existence. But with time I am becoming too relaxed & need to really try harder than I have been.

At the end of the day, no excuse is going to make me lose weight.. I could anthropromorphise any situation or foodstuff to blame for not sticking to the diet, but I need to keep reminding myself that it is just me & nothing else.

I found my old card from 2005 where I lost 6 stone in 6 months.. I had so many silver 7's on it I needed sunglasses to read it. Why can't I do that now? I need to put my mindset into hardcore & stop being a fatty!

But days occur where we let ourselves down & sometimes, the beating up isn't going to prevent it or make it any better. So we plod on & with any luck take one more step forward that will rule out the steps we take back.

Oh & I put on 4lb this week.. I have this knack of spectacular weight loss & weight gain. There is no happy medium in my diet.. But I am still under 18 stone so am not too angry at myself.

So for the next 2 weeks I need to lose.. This will work in 2 ways, I will look good for a fancy dress I'm going to be dressed as Bruce Willis in the 1st Die Hard film & 2nd it will give me the impetus to finally realise that I can't keep yoyoing to the extent I have been.

On another note..

That is a cat on a jet fighter, your argument is invalid ;)

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Woo Hoo! etc

Well, I went to Weigh in & lost 8.5lbs, I can't really say much about that to be honest, as am speechless.

Yes I know I have put on 7.5lb in the previous 3 weeks, so am chuffed to have removed that & an extra lb also.. But I have stuck to the diet quite well & feel proud.

I am half a lb away from having my 3 stone mark :D

So am now going to get some food.. New blog post coming soon x

Have fun x

Friday, 8 May 2009

Wearing Sunglasses

Because it was a bit dark where I was.. Am back now.

Thank you to the people who left me kind words, it was very comfroting to know that I wasn't alone x x

I kicked myself up the bum last week & decided that I have no time to be upset or down.. I have to get on with it no matter what & to hell with it.

So my apologies for the delay in writing. I have commenced the diet again & looking forward to the result next week.

I shall leave this one here as am having a block of imagination, but rest assured the next one will be longer x

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

What if there is no end?

I'm sorry for not updating this last week.. I just seem to be having one of those weeks where nothing actually matters. Like when you suddenly realise that all you seem to be doing is existing & there is no other purpose.

I'm having a hard time at the moment. I can't seem to do anything without the push of herculean strength from my brain attempting to kickstart me into doing something. I can't seem to do anything right & at night, sleep reminds me of another day of disappointment ahead.

All life wants to do is kick me squarely in the hojoes & laugh.. & I know everyday that it is coming, yet I find myself just standing there & letting it happen. Sometimes I hate myself.. But my friends say 'you look so bouncy all the time'.. yep, that's me.. I'm always alright, not allowed to have some time off, because if I am not alright then who can be.

I hear people say 'once you have hitten bottom, you can go no further', well, what if you can? That each layer is taken from under your feet & the end is nowhere in sight as it is infinite.. & your enduring is the reminder of your existence on this planet & the depth you have yet to fall.

I just can't seem to shake it off. I need some good news. I need something that will lighten this hole I am in, a hand hold to get myself out of it. But all I see is darkness & nothing else. It has taken me all this time to write this, because I don't want to speak to anyone.. I am a failure & I don't want to be reminded of it, that I have no hope & no possibility of being something.

It feels like I am trapped & there is no rescue, just the darkness. My own voice is being drowned out by the sounds that the darkness brings, the pain of knowing I can't succeed.

& all the time, I ask myself.. What if there is no end?

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Weigh In

Lost 4.5lb this week.. Am now up to 40.5lb lost in total. Finally getting back in control again.. Not long before I have lost the remainder of the weight I put on 3 weeks ago :D

So am feeling confident again, which means a lot at the moment. Had a lovely tea, courtesy of the local priest.. He has a friend who fishes for salmon up in scotland & he couldn't eat all of it, so he kindly brought some round. 3 big fillets of fresh salmon.. So cooked tea & shared it with my mum :)

Had a healthy day, despite it being weigh in also.

Let us see what the week brings this time..

Monday, 6 April 2009


Well, the pizza was to die for.. I was unsure if I should have gone with the Moroccan (Tender lamb, red onions ,diced mango, mozzarella and tomato, fresh mint and a cool yoghurt sauce) or the Chilli Beef (Thin sliced strips of steak, red onions, mozzarella, tomato, mint, coriander and grapes) pizza, so when I asked the waitress for her advice, she said both were nice, so would I like 50/50.. & let me tell you, it was music to my tastebuds :D

The Moroccan side was lovely & smooth, the mango was soft & was easy to spread on the little slices of pizza I cut.. & the Chili Beef was spicy, but not too much & the grapes made it nice & sweet.

Hand made, baked pizza.. About the size of the plate, base was thin but crispy & overall, it looked & tasted lovely. (Just to point out, I'm not getting paid for this blog by the way hee hee)

I estimated the pizza to be 10 points, possibly 15 maximum, as there was no cheddar cheese, what cheese there was was mozzarella & the sauce was nicely applied but not thick..

Oh, Monsters Vs Aliens was hilarious.. It is now up there with my other favourite animations.. So a good day out all round really :D

Have had a good day today, ate well & not felt hungry all day to be honest, just debating what to have for snackage.. I have 3 points left & contemplating fruit.. I bought some clementines yesterday & I love them so much!! Always have loved oranges..

Oh & an interesting thing I did last friday that I didn't mention.. I bought some multipack crisps, but have always left them in the pack.. I read that if left in the pack they came in then you are more at risk of over snacking on them. So I removed them from the large pack & put the small bags in a bowl.. Amazingly it works, as I have crisps left. It's the small things that help sometimes.

Right, off to get my fruit x

Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Timing Of Tragedy..

Don't worry, the title is not a tragedy as others may percieve. It isn't a 'Oooh a red button, Earth goes Kablooie!' tragedy.. More of aftershocks that seem to be always arriving to attempt to sabotage what little victories I can find.

Why is it that when I manage to get my eating back on track, or my life for that matter, something comes along to try to sabotage it? Does it wait around the corner & attempt to hijack these moments of serenity or nicety?

Either way, that tragedian fecker is not going to ruin anything.. I refuse to get upset. I refuse to sabotage my diet for the sake of some bad news. So I have been jolly good at the moment, eating healthy & sticking to my points, it would be so easy to go out & stuff my face, call it a 'sticky day' & start again after the weekend, but what would be the point in that? & it wouldn't stop at Midnight tonight either, that's for sure.

I had a really nice meal yesterday from Marks & Spencers (for all you US readers, if any, it is a British store that do awful clothes but great food hee hee), it was the Count On Us Range, which is using Weight Watchers points.. Now it is overpriced, but I had the most lovely Thai Green Curry with rice (it had runner beans, sugar snap peas red chillies, baby corn, & chicken in it), the only sour part was the £3.99p tag on the price! But it was too die for & only 6.5 points.

I go to my friends all day saturday & it is so easy to fall into the trap of snacking when playing on the xbox 360.. So I took plenty of fruit, crisps & yoghurts to keep me amused & didn't feel hungry all day.

Am going to watch Monsters Vs Aliens in about 3 hours, but before we go, we are going to this new place opened up in Manchester City Centre called 'Dough'


& have some mega nice pizzas.. As it says on the site, they care about the base as well as the topping, so you can have a choice of different sauces also.. I am going to try & stick within the points by mixing up the bases & toppings to get a optimal but healthy pizza.. Yum!

So am going to go now & get ready.. Was only meant to make this short.

I will report back about the pizza later :D

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Weigh In

Well, I put on half a pound this week.. No surprise really, but I thought I had put on much more than that so am relieved.. Still will not allow it to get me down as the fault is mine alone.

But I went for a really good walk today, it was lovely & sunny.. the canals of manchester are truly awesome & I always use them. It is a shame that some of the canals are hardly used or admired, these are amazing engineering feats, not to mention wonderful to walk down & I never get tired of walking along them.

Still, the manchester network of canals is vast & I have planned out many a route for me & my friend so we get some good views & exercise.. I love this weather!!

Am going to play with my new laptop now.. Am still trying to figure things out..

Being inquisitive is fun x

Monday, 30 March 2009

Something Something Diddly Doo..Hmm?

There was something I was meant to tell you.. But I can't remember what exactly. It really bugs me when I have these 'brain farts' & am trying to figure it out.. What was it? I tell you what, transforming back into human from a giant space lizard really does play merry hell with your memory

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Giant Space Lizards!

I now realise why I put on so much weight last week.. I turned into a Giant Space Lizard, who would have thought of the odds of that? But I am better now & that is funky.

Well, I hadn't exactly been on the plan last week, but I went to weigh in this week & lost 1lb.. which i am mega chuffed about as I thought I was looking at another increase.. Phew!

So I am back now.. & have bought myself some new clothes to add to the mountain I have that don't fit to inspire me. I got a lovely polo shirt which is mega funky & can't wait to fit into it..

Can you believe I have been trying to finish this since thursday?? It has been one thing after another.. Okay mostly misfiring of neurons in my brain but still. . I should have this licked by now.

Am pretty chuffed, I made the move fully over to Firefox now, as was getting sick of IE7.. & the deciding factor? Twitter!

Yep, I joined Twitter last week & whilst having a good mooch on Firefox 3, I noticed an add on that allows me to send & recieve tweets on my browser.. so instead of having to go to the actual site to do it, I can just use it from whatever site I am perusing which is cool..

I have used Firefox for over a year now, be it just for small stuff like one forum & a website , but now am using it full time.. I have buckets of add ons that make my life easier & makes it fun to use.. & I actually enjoy using Firefox. IE7 was just becoming an annoyance..

My diet is going okay this week.. Nowt special to report I guess x

Oh, but if you fancy following me on Twitter, look for FilthTroll (I will explain the nickname)..

Have a good one x

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Inspiration & Positivity.

Had my weigh in today - 8lbs on!

I did have a week off from weightwatchers & I did inhale an awful amount of stuff, including some things that were possibly unidentifiable in origin.

However, instead of feeling dreadful or remorseful I am completely happy with it.. What is the point of feeling bad about putting on weight? It only leads to a worsening of mood & then a complete destruction of dieting.. I suppose a positive attitude to this diet helps on both counts & not just on when we lose weight but also when we gain.

I have said this before, so won't bore you with it again. But following my week off I am glad to be back on the wagon again & doing the diet. Sometimes you just need to have some time off to appreciate something & to fully stay on track; I learnt a few things & now am happy to be on the diet again.

A few people have said I am an inspiration to them.. Not just the weight loss, but also my positive attitude to the diet; that I seem to be happy no matter the result & that I always have this way of finding the good points to something others would find dispiriting or disheartening.

I don't take compliments well, never have, but I find that if I inspire people it spurs me on & grounds me to the diet.

Well, only until I have time off from it that is.. x

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Weigh in x

Well, went to my weigh in & lost 4.5 lb!

I am now 17 stone 6.5 lbs & have lost a total of 43.5lbs x

I am so happy.. It has been years since I was in the lower 17's so am feeling fab at the moment.

I ate all fresh food & no processed food this week & feel much better for it.. My clothes fit better & some are too big!!

Now to aim for the 16's!!

Try stopping me :)

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Do or Do Not.. There Is No Try.

My utmost apologies for not updating my blog in almost 2 weeks.. It has been a string of interesting days to say the least, but these things happen & well, everything is in one piece still & the Earth hasn't stopped spinning.

So where were we? Okay, first thing is first.. my mummy is still in hospital, but in all honesty it is like a Bed & Breakfast as she is fit as a fiddle. The medical team is unsure if it was a heart attack but we are still waiting for the angiograms to be done as the machine broke down last friday & everyone had to be pushed back; so once we have that we can move forward. The only thing my mummy is suffering from is acute boredom!

Secondly, I put on half a pound last wednesday. Do you know what though? I couldn't give 2 stuffs about it.. It is half a pound, big deal. In the grand scheme of things, it is not even a step back, it is just one of those things.

I know why I put on as well, I had a donner on pitta with chips the wednesday my mum was admitted & a thai takeaway on saturday night as I didn't want to cook.. I could go blaming other people or use the excuse of my mum being in hospital, or a plethora of reasons; but the fact of the matter is it was me, pure & simple.

So I put on.. Oh well, next!

This week has been unusually different though. I seem to have gained a jedi like tenacity (you see what I did there? The title, for you star wars fans out there, is a quote from Yoda!) about me & I have been so focused.. since wednesday I have cooked fresh every night.

Wednesday seemed to be one of those days, where I sometimes explain to new members of Weight Watchers, like it was when Neo realises he is the one in The Matrix. (Bear with me on this one x)

My girlfriend is having some time off from WW (so to speak) & was hungry, so was my sister & her fiance.. I offered to go get them the food. This was a bit daft as I was thinking of wanting some myself at first. So I went to the takeaway & ordered the food for them. But here is the rub, I didn't have any, I dropped the food off to them & I left them to it.

It was all thanks to an article I read in Men's Fitness about how thinking yourself thin is as vital as dieting. There was some good tips, but the one that stood out was the one that stated the minute you say 'I can't' or 'I'm not allowed that' the more you want it & suggested instead of thinking 'I can't', replace it with 'I choose not to..'. So before ordering the food I tried it & it stopped me.

By changing how I thought, it empowered me into making the right decision, but willingly instead of struggling. I have used that a few times up to now & it is working.

The Matrix thing is from when you start WW & you struggle, but then you have a moment of clarity & everything about it makes sense. I like to call it the 'Matrix Moment'..

So not only have I changed my lifestyle, I have changed the way I think as well. Which has got to be a good thing x

Friday, 27 February 2009

Thou Art Being Tested Verily..

Wednesday my mother goes 'ooh I have chest pain'.. 999

Thursday.. ECG & blood test indicates a minor heart attack (if it can be minor in the circumstance), gets told she is staying in 8 days so they can monitor her & perform an angiogram +/- stent removal/reinsertion.

Friday.. Interview at 1330.

This is a week to test even the most erudite & dedicated of followers of watching the weight. But I have been good & am sticking to it.. I can't slip.

But the good news is my mum is doing okay & it's just a matter of waiting now until the procedure. At least I am getting exercise with the housework.

But I really don't like being tested. As the saying goes 'What doesn't kill me will only make me stronger'.. That is a test I really don't want to test if you get my drift.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Woo Hoo!

I am now 17 10.5lbs following a 3.5lb loss this week at Weigh In..

Am so happy I could run around naked, but I shall spare you that.

I can't think at present, so I shall leave it here & think of something to say later.

bye x

Friday, 20 February 2009

A Notification On Differentiation..

Took a pic of myself Thursday night & wanted to see if there was much of a difference.. It sounds stupid, but I may feel different, but to me, I didn't look different. It is hard to put into words how I feel about my body sometimes.

So here we go..

Above is me at 20 stone 8lbs.. & below is me at 18 stone exactly..

I still have a ways to go, I mean my body is still holding onto a lot of fat that you can't see in this pic & my face still is a little chubby, but I am getting there.
Ooh one more thing, I am having (3 minute) boiled eggs in the morning with soldiers, yum! I can't wait.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The journey of a thousand miles..

Is said to begin with one step.

That's what I thought when I ventured out of this afternoon & did a 15 mile walk.. I followed the canals of Manchester & ended up on one of the best walks I have done up to now. The weather was mild, & I even wore 3/4 length pants which was really good. I did wear other clothes by the way, not just me walking around in just pants.

Oh yes, & I lost 2lb as well.. Which was nice.

I am now 18 stone exactly & am chuffed to bits.. It is slowly coming off & I am beginning to see the difference more each time. My skin is healthier, my body is liking its new shape a bit more, I can walk better & (as today is testament to) further. Some of my old clothes fit & friends are beginning to notice too.

I read in Men's Health that walking on an incline is as effective as jogging on a straight road, ask long as it is brisk & increases your heart rate, you can burn off as near enough the same calories as jogging. Well, I am not sure if that is true, but it means even though I am walking I can be safe in the knowledge that I am doing myself just as good as if I was jogging. I did the whole walk in 3 hours, which is pretty good if I say so myself & most likely have destroyed some nasty calories too.

But the main thing is I am walking twice a week & seeing the benefits, I no longer get breathless even climbing the stairs, or even up a hill.. It is funky.

So am now off to bed as my body has decided to reward me with this tiredness.

Good night x

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A Deliberation On Determination.

I had some bad news before.. Basically this job that I wanted I didn't get.. Slightly depressed.

So what do I do? I get a banana & 2 apples.. Hmm? Normally I would say 'feck the diet' & go eat something that was extremely greazy (yes I know it is with an 's', watch the ape of death scene in The Mighty Boosh) & has dubious acclamations to its origins..

But I unconsciously went into the fridge & got those 3 pieces of fruit out.. Which I think is an amazing milestone. Pat on the back for me x

So I wonder if I can carry this on, & bring myself to stop eating emotionally, or because I like it. This shows me I can do it..

Yes I enjoy fast food, because it tastes nice. But so does the food I cook from scratch.. I made a fab chilli con carne using WW sauce, vegetables & minced beef (obviously) & it tasted divine.

But is fast food enjoyable cos it is readily available, or is it education vs ignorance?

I can attest to the love of fast food, as after work I came home, ordered it & just vegetated.. It is that simple. Because of this, I fell into a habitual circle that exacerbated & ended up with me being morbidly obese. That was me being ignorant to healthy foods, or a healthier lifestyle, & it impacts on everything you do.. but being overweight his habit forming & the circle just sucks you in.

Now though.. I still have some way to go, but I am saving money & also, feeling much better. I can walk better, sleep better, I feel more confident & my friends see it too. .

So through education of WeightWatchers I am able to see a better me, a healthier me.

I never used to tell anyone I was on WeightWatchers, now I proudly tell everyone.

It is something to shout about x

Consider My Timbers Shivered!

& why would the main brace need splicing for that matter?? Oh well..

Have just come back from WI & lost a remarkable 5lbs! Which I am so chuffed about, as this is the weight I was prior to the christmas inhaling incident.. So with renewed vigour I can begin again x

I think it is partly because I have cooked fresh all week & done some good walks.. either way, it has worked.

Also, I can fit into my old suit (well, when I say old, I wore it once 3 year ago when it fitted) so there is a bonus.. Have got an interview later on, so will be wearing it with pride.

So today is, I have declared, a good day.. So arr harr Jim Lad, Yo Ho Ho, & a bottle of Diet Coke..

There be treasure upon that map arrrr!


Thursday, 5 February 2009

Destination: Unknown

I fear my minions on my challenge will not love me when they check their inboxes this morning.. I have set a mini-goal which I don't think they will like..

Allow me to explain. Each week I give them a mini-goal to separate the monotomy of the challenge & to provide a distraction to an otherwise stressful time when we have to lose weight. Mostly it has been simple things..
  • For one day of the week, instead of having that treat, eat a piece of fruit
  • Reduce one product you use, such as Flora Light to Flora Extra Light
  • Do one Press Up a day
But this one, oh boy.

I have asked my minions to not use their bonus points for a week (well, up to wednesday anyway).. & I feel it is a good one, just not going to be widely accepted.

The idea came to me when I was watching Supersize Vs Superskinny, & it was that the club that Anna Richardson has set up g & go on these challenges each week, then show how many calories are lost & offer them the choice of being able to eat a treat (cheese, cake, chocolate) or bank the points, ie just don't use them at all.

It then came to me that you find people having Bonus Points & occasionally staying the same or putting on, & usually the saying 'well, I did my exercises' & I wondered, could it be down to the Bonus Points?

I am not trying to take anything away from them (well, for a week anyway), but I sometimes think do they give themselves more points than they should or because they are exercising thinking 'well, one more X won't do me any harm'..

So until wednesday I have requested they don't use their Bonus Points. & for the people who don't exercise? I have asked them for half an hour a day to exercise, be it in whatever form they desire; Oh & to not use the Bonus Points.. Should be interesting.

Am feeling good this morning, have had scrambled egg on toast at 0700 & feel more human for it. Not planned my meals today, I shall stick my head in the fridge & mooch about.

Which gives a bit of randomness to the solemnity of the event.

Bye x

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Um? Do you know last post I said I know I have put on weight this week?

I lost half a pound.. I don't know how, & I am not going to question it. I'm just grateful I didn't put on.

& on the plus side, I didn't pay for it & I got a free weightwatchers magazine, for helping out.

Which was nice x

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Okay who stopped time?

Last thing I remember was it being last wednesday.. Has it been that long since I last posted? Sheesh..

Okay, not the best week this week, have followed the diet for 5 days roughly (& not all in order), I partly blame the half pound I put on.. But I mostly blame myself.

It is so easy to say 'Well, it's because I put on' rather than say 'I couldn't be bothered', so I am to blame & now the truth has come out, I can begin afresh.

Because that is what this is about.. Weightwatchers isn't a quick fix, it isn't about being good all the time, it isn't a competition. It is about discovering yourself, eating well & most of all, changing your lifestyle. So what if I have a week where I can't be bothered? That is just an admittance of being human, not weakness.

We need to have breaks in the diet otherwise we would all go mad. It is about being able to realise that & try not to blame others, or inanimate objects that do not govern us, or are there because we put them there.. that half a pound of fat for example.

So that Itch has succeeded temporarily to halt my path of righteousness but only for this week, there are still more to come.

I know I have put on this week, I can feel it.. But, I have done 2 big walks this week (one took 2 hours, the other took 3 hours) so I have still had my exercise.

So back on the diet now.. No excuses. I have to be slim for July.. Apparently it is going to be a really good summer & my tshirts are crying to be freed from oppression.

All in good time x

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Oh well..

I gained half a pound.. Might have been the scales, as it was showing I had stayed the same.. the skipped up. Interesting, how I blame the scales & not myself.

Am not fussed though, I know where I went wrong, so am fully aware. it's just one of those things I guess, & I am happy that it was half a pound, could have been far worse.

So have been good today, had a good 6 mile walk & a nice stir fry.. treated myself to some guiness & am now happy.

Also, whilst at the the meeting, my leader asked me to do 'crowd control', basically one of the regular staff had to go home so I filled in & controlled the members, I felt like security.. Though with about 40 hungry women I don't think I could have controlled them.

The best part is she wants me to do it for her every wednesday afternoon, so i get free weigh ins, which is nice.

So am happy that I have some incentive & also, I get free meetings.. Also, I do not mind that I put on.

What a fab day x

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Coca-Cola Hypothesis

I was chatting away to my fellow homeys on the Weightwatchers forum when a conversation arose about Coke Zero & it escalated, much so that it divided people into categories that went beyond normal chat..

One such discussion arose was that someone could not believe people preferred the taste of Diet Coke to that of 'normal' Coke, & then onto Coke Zero.

My mind doth wandered into the realm of thought I call 'Brain Fart Territory' & once again, this got me thinking.. So let me ramble through this territory.

I prefer the taste of Diet Coke, I don't know why, you could tie me to a chair & rub my nipples with lemon juice & I would not be able to tell you; the only thing I could say is I don't like the taste of Coke, it is too 'sticky' (Interestingly enough, most Coke drinkers say the same thing, that it makes their teeth go 'fuzzy').

Now, if you ask a Diet Coke drinker why they drink it, they say Coke is too sticky; & here is the fun part, the same is said by Coke drinkers about Diet Coke (Whoops! I think I have just created a black hole).

Why is that? Why are people divided about the 2 drinks? I may come back to that one..

Now another interesting discussion arose about 'Zero' drinks.

First & foremost, Coke Zero. People are divided on this also, so a further split.. Even Coke drinkers are divided on whether or not this is nice as Coke. I can say that I don't mind Coke Zero for 2 reasons:

1. It is £1 a bottle at my Tesco, which means I can buy 3 bottles, whereas Diet Coke is 2 for £2.70p, so in the interest of economy, I will buy Coke Zero.

& 2. It doesn't taste as sticky as Coke. Don't know why, genuinely don't care. I can take it or leave it.

Now, onto another interesting part about Zero; It was mentioned that the reason they brought out Zero is Diet Coke was shown to be 'girly' & were finding that not many blokes bought it. So they brought out Coke Zero and because of the taste difference, have kept both.
Now the issue with this is it doesn't account for all the other brands bringing out Zero.

So this is what I think..

I believe that Zero was brought out as there was a gap in the market. Diet Coke was selling well, & it was shown to be linked with many diets, therefore they needed something that could appeal to men & women & be shown to be 'healthier', hence Zero. So the people who diet like us can be said to have helped corporations bring out better drinks for us.

& I don't mind this happening, because it means I get to drink the soft drink I like, without having to worry about what is in it & how many points etc

But I like my Diet Coke, it's refreshing.

Monday, 26 January 2009

The Diet Coke Conjecture

I have been doing an experiment this week, one that has been fraught with dangers & deep intrigue.. I have given up diet coke for a week.

I am keen to see what effects it has on weight loss & myself in general. Now before I have people saying stuff about the issues with Aspartame, allow me to enlighten you..

Aspartame is in tens of thousands of products, it has been deemed safe by the American FDA & also, the British Food Standards Agency.

Aspartame was designed to be safer than sugar, as we know sugar isn't exactly conducive to our health & teeth in the mountains we shovel onto stuff.. So the boffins that be chemically designed a sweetener to be 600 times sweeter than sugar but with a fraction of the calories.

The studies that stated aspartame was dangerous was funded by the sugar association of america, those lovely people who own the sugar corporations. So I wouldn't even entertain them, in fact when I read who funded it, I stopped reading.

Also, there was supposed to be a link to cancer; Last year they said barbecuing foods too much caused cancer.. Eating too many apples caused cancer..Having too much fibre caused cancer..Going out in the sun causes cancer...Oh & now, mouthwash causes oral cancer.

Anyway, to the point again.. I feel no different. I drink Diet Coke because I like the taste of it, & yes, I do drink a fair amount, but to be honest as long as I am drinking 2l of fluid a day it doesn't matter what I drink.

Diet Coke is, in my opinion, better than normal Coke, it's just the stickiness of the taste of Coke that puts me off.. Coke Zero is okay, less stickier than Coke.

Hm? I'm having a side effect, I am talking a tad obsessively about Coke, D'oh!

I don't feel sluggish or bloated when drinking Diet Coke, I don't have issues with my teeth, or spots, & by stopping for a week with no complications, I find that it isn't addictiveness that keeps me drinking it, but complacency. Yes, I do drink water & cordial, but I do prefer something with a better taste & Diet Coke does that for me.

So this is my 6th day without Diet Coke & I am fine, am going to wait for my Weigh In though to see if there is any difference.

I can't see myself stopping, but if it is a good amount, I may cut down.

Maybe x

Saturday, 24 January 2009

The Inevitability Of Ineffability

Ineffable. It is generally used to describe a feeling, concept or aspect of existence that is too great to be adequately described in words & can only be known internally by individuals.

Ever had those days? That someone just doesn't understand ot that you cannot quite convey what you mean to say? I think we all have them.. I mean being on this diet makes you feel that way.

Trying to explain to a friend etc, that you need to do this diet for yourself.. & them turning around & saying 'But you look fine as you are'.. How self destructive those words can be.

Sorry for being melancholic, I guess it is just the chinese I had thursday night leaving my system.. yesterday was hard (So much for saying this diet was easy), it's retribution for the takeaway.. I stayed in my points & made sure of that, but every hour was a struggle..

Needless to say, I am recovered this morning & am back with a vengeance, but the fact that there are saboteurs everywhere doesn't help.

Still that's why being on Weightwatchers is so ineffable I guess x

Friday, 23 January 2009


Good Morning!

I had a sticky day last night, I had had my 33 points for the day & was just watching TV, when my gf came in with a chinese takeaway & well, it went to pot there & then.

I don't know what it is, but I can do this diet really well, & so can my gf, but when she collapses I collapse.. It must be like a connection somewhere. Something in my mind goes 'Oh what the heck!' & I succumb to the temptation.

Needless to say, there wasn't a lot thankfully & a takeaway shared is a problem halved. It was nice, don't get me wrong, but if it was up to me I would have been happy just leaving it.

& that is another thing, why do we feel hungry when someone brings in food, when we were perfectly content & not hungry before they came in? I might have to investigate that one.

So, I did what I suggested to most people, write Sticky Day on the tracker, forget about it (forget about what?) & carry on as if nothing happened (what happened?)..

Well, I had bitesize Shredded Wheat for my breakfast this morning & it was yummy.. Not had them in ages, so getting my fibre in the diet.

Don't know what my meal plan will be like later, sometimes I like to surprise my stomach into what it is getting, keep it on its toes if you know what I mean..

Anyway, must dash..x

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Weigh In Today

Lost 4lb..

So that is 13lb from starting this year. That's the 12 lb I put on over xmas gone, now I have to lose 5lbs to lose the 6 lb I put on before xmas.

But with this weigh in I am more confident.. I am looking forward to this week x


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbow'd.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find me, unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate;
I am the captain of my soul.

I mention this one poem as it is special to me.. I know it by heart & recite it to myself when I can. The term 'Invictus' means unconquerable (Latin).. & I aim to have it tattoed somewhere.

I don't feel unconquerable most of the time, but in the dark, this poem gives me light x

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Maxims & The Impending Doom.

I have a tattoo with a quote from Tennyson's 'Ulysses' it says "To Strive, To Seek, To Find & Not To Yield", as you can see below...

I have this on my forearm as it gives me strength & helps me get through the bad times. Also, it helps everytime I see myself in the mirror.. I know that to have the body I once had takes time & effort, that quote helps x

I have others, not tattooed (yet), such as "Into Each Life, Some Rain Must Fall" & "Take What You Can Have, Rejoice In What You Can Save, & Do Not Mourn Your Losses Too Long"

I have a passion for poetry & quotes that are strong.. They help. Words are all too much lost sometimes, but if whispered to yourself then they hold meaning, they are yours & that cannot be taken away.

On another note, it's weigh in tomorrow.. Am looking forward to it in a perverse way, if I can lose 3lb tomorrow that is the 12lb I put on over christmas (not mentioning the 6lb I put on before christmas).

We shall see x

Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Bryan, The Itch & The Wardrobe..

Once upon a time there was a boy called Bryan, quite a big boy really & not in the "Stop Dobbin Stop, you'll ruin me for life!", more of "Sod the pies, more like who ate the cows!".. Anyway, this 'boy' had a magical wardrobe, for in this wardrobe lived all his clothes that he could not fit into.. It was like a time warp everytime he opened it.

There were unworn jeans, & t shirts that never knew the light of day.. For they had been captured by the dark & evil itch called 'Lard'; now this itch was horrid & she banished the clothes to slavery, never to know the joy of being in daylight or to be worn.

But the clothes had hope, for the boy had started on a path of righteousness & fruit, for he was a weightwatcher. He knew that the only way to beat Lard was to stay on this path he had chosen.

Day by day, week by week, Lard is becoming weaker & her efforts to thwart him have been effortless.. But Lard is tenacious as well as evil & she knows that she can put obstacles in his way, thoughts in his mind to prevent him from freeing the clothes.. If only it gave her time to stop him.

But Bryan is also tenacious & he knows something she doesn't.. That those clothes give him the inspiration to carry on & he will free them.

For the wardrobe is magical & tells Bryan as such x


I just acquired the book, 'Nutrition for Dummies', as i want to read more on the topic (again, it's the nurse in me).. But I find it interesting how the action of foods on your body & also in moods & reactions affect you.

It should be interesting, it is 409 pages long so I have some time to get through it, but am not going anywhere soon. & besides, if it helps me get a greater understanding into this diet then it's worth it..

Speaking of the diet, I am doing great on it.. I am not snacking & am feeling comfortable between meal times.. My friend offered me a shortbread biscuit & I turned it down, which is remarkable for me, so that is a milestone. My friends are realising not to offer me the junk stuff as they can see I am dedicated on this diet now.. Plus they are seeing a change in me, & not just weight wise either; I am becoming more confident again.

Oh & I can button up a pair of 3/4 length pants I have that I couldn't do before, which is a good sign. I can fit into some of my hooded tops also, so am going in the right direction.

I had a Marks & Spencers Count On Us Lamb Casserole (4 points) yesterday for my tea, it was gorgeous!! Also, they have started pointing those meals, but it isn't endorsed by Weightwatchers, however the points are accurate, which is handy. It means I now have more options of what to eat when at my friends. I also bought some tiny tangerines which were lovely & sweet.. as a treat.

We shall now see if I have lost owt on wednesday, but for now I feel better for being on this diet & am now in the 'zone' (as it were) where I can do this diet without a hitch..

The only hitch, however, is myself.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

It's that blockage in the blog again!!

Sorry for the delay folks.. Had a slight brain fart there.

Again I am going to trundle on & see where this path leads me to.. That is what we do with dieting I guess; we come across a fork in the road, should I turn left onto Chip Street or right onto Healthy Avenue? It's one of those things. I like to plan my meals, not all of them but just some, that way I know I am in control.

There was a question asked on the forum before about why do we feel like stuffing ourselves silly in the winter period, or at the very least, when it is cold & dark? I think it stems back to prehistoric times (God Bry! You go on about prehistoric blah blah, why don't you just go live there?) again.. I think it is a mechanism deep rooted into the pathways of the brain far far forgotten to even rouse subconsciously, that in the dark & wintry times, spark a slight synapse that makes us attempt to eat more so that we put on weight. Now the weight back in those days had 2 advantages.. 1, it helped with the hard times when food was scarce enough, so that if you didn't have much to eat then you could rely on the fat to supply your body & thus you wouldn't cease to exist, & 2, it helped insulate you somewhat from the cold.

That said, we do have central heating now.. & electricity.

So why do we still do it? Oh I don't know; because we are human & deep in there is a survival instinct, to be allowed to still exist?

Saying that, it could be because we like our food.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Weighed in just now x

Lost 9lbs!

After putting on 12lbs from last week's weigh in.

Am so pleased.. I have been on fast start all week & reduced my points accordingly to 22 instead of 34 & it has paid off..

The best thing about Fast Start was that I never felt hungry or snacked. Okay I had the odd apple here & there out of hours, but it's an apple.. It wasn't like what I was doing over xmas & going to the take away at 1am & having chips, cheese & mayo, with a double cheeseburger.. So, believe me when I say, an apple is nothing x

So now my points are back to normal & I have to eat them as I would on Fast Start.. It gives me some leeway to be able to make nice things.

But the best thing? I do not feel bloated, I feel lighter.. I feel good about myself.

& in the end, that is what counts x

Zero Points & the arguments that follow it.

Why is it that when people see zero points they go mental? Is it some kind of secret code that when read, activates a lost prehistoric synapse in the brain, triggering neurons to fire a signal that says 'WARNING! Don't trust.. '

Okay, maybe I have made more questions for myself with why prehistoric man had a synapse that warned them of zero points.. You never know; Pterodactyl may have been lower in points than Tyrannosaurus Rex. Water was free back then too, not sure about diet coke though. (Before anyone feels free to comment, yes I know they were all in 3 different epochs, nice try x)

I don't know why I go off subject so easily.. It's like 'yes the possibility of badgers rising up from their burrow & becoming our lords thus enslaving the human race is..oooh something shiny'. See? Done it again.

Back to the point.. & this is my opinion by the way, no research or owt, just my thoughts.

Zero points, just to clarify, does not mean zero calories. But you find a lot of people who think this & it gets confusing for the new members (& the old members). Every foodstuff has calories in.

What zero points means is that the calorific content is so negligible to be rendered free.. Therefore, the calories inside it don't affect you.

Take Robinsons No Added Sugar drink (No Added Sugar is a bit of a misnomer as the fruit juice in it will have some kind of sugar fom the fruit, say fructose, but in all honesty I only wrote that in to defend the comments I may get saying it's false x), this has caused unbelievable amount of confusion, distress etc on the boards.. 'It isn't free!' 'Don't drink it!' 'Warning!' ad infinitum.

But if you look on the parts of the bottle it says: 20 servings per bottle, 8 calories per 100 ml concentrate, no sats fat.. So for 100ml of concentrate (not dilute) is 8 cals.

Right, to dilute it you add 1 part concentrate to 4 parts water, so just say 50ml equals a concentrate (you see, 20 servings in a 1000ml bottle = 50ml per serving) & you make up a 250 ml drink.. 50ml equals 4 calories. So in essence you are drinking 4 calories, you burn more calories in a day blinking.

But that is a bit of maths, the fun part is the confusion & arguments that lead from actually pointing free stuff..

Why are we attempting to rubbish WeightWatchers by contradicting a list they gave us? Free foods & drinks is a saviour, we get pleasure from knowing that this is 'free', & zero points means we can drink something other than water & not get bored. We can eat vegetables until we turn into one.. So why are people so desperate to not have free stuff? Why are we trying to eek out a half a point from something that is so negligible that it MUST count? That that half a point is the scourge of not losing weight 'it must be the No Added Sugar drink.. It lied!!'

I have an idea, when attempting to point a 'free item', how about eating a little more healthier.. so instead of having a Big Mac, have a Subway. Or instead of treating yourself to chips, have a baked potato or new potatoes? Or try to reduce your meals by half a point to see if that makes a difference? Instead of stopping eating or drinking something as it has calories in. That way you reduce your points by the stuff that counts, not the stuff you shouldn't count.

If Weight Watchers turn around & say 'okay, you have to point EVERYTHING, nothing is free' there would be a riot. But people seem to be wanting to point stuff that a scientifically approached evidence based company have said are free.

I wish I could answer it to be honest, because if I could, I would get a Nobel Prize.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Double H to the O

Yes that is right, in my white working class home boy stylee, I am indeed going to pen something about water.. That giver & taketh awayer of life, that stuff of ermm. .sloshiness?

Anyway, I digress: Water. We need to it, nay we depend on it, without it we would be dirty stinky dried up husks of dust lying on this planet.. Just bear with me, I will be getting to the point.

Did you know that we had a Super Ice Age called the Cryogenian? It was as if the earth was a giant snowball.. Then plate tectonics saved our precious earth by creating volcanoes that melted the majority of it & caused storms that were beyond description.

The point being, is that water is fabulous.. The ice age bit? Oh I was just putting it in for dramatics, if I has said 'Did you know that last week I saw a cat coughing up a furball' it kinda doesn't have the same oomph does it?

Okay, the recommended amount of water to drink per day is 2 litres. That is a given & is pretty much relied upon.

Now, there has been a study that states the recommended daily amount is 2l of FLUID, not just water.. I'm think what they are saying is that all fluid has water in it, therefore you obtain the water in the same way.

Which is pretty obvious in a way, but it's good for those who stick to something religiously. I get bored of water, say after the 1st mouthful, but knowing this means I can mix & match as it were.

Which is great.. Now I wonder if the same applies to tequila??

Sticky Days

Once again, apologies for another delay in the post.. I had a blog blockage yesterday.

I won't purport to actually inventing it, because there are so many different definitions to it, & everyone has a name for it.. What magical invention is this? You might ask. Well, I'm talking about sticky days.

Now if you have never heard of the word (or never been on the Weight Watchers forum with me blabbing on about it) allow me to jog your memory:

A sticky day is quite simply a day where you treat yourself to what you want & to Hell with it.. but here is the rub; it can help with your weight loss & makes you more determined.

I was first put on the idea of this from an old friend called Tim who I trained with, who told me that once a month or so just go batshit bonkers on what you eat & by the next day you feel so guilty that you stay on the regime.

And it worked. The same goes for Weight Watchers, before christmas I had one sticky day a week (mainly on a wednesday after Weigh In) & I still managed to lose weight, be it chips, a kebab or a chinese.

But the real cleverness is knowing when to stop; it is easy to carry on the sticky day until it becomes a sticky week etc so having a modicum of self control really helps you with a sticky day. However, once you have ate the treat you immediately feel guilty about scoffing it, so you become more determined to stay on track.

I also go on a 3 day rule for a sticky day, & this was also confirmed in Men's Fitness, which I was chuffed about.

Day 1 - You eat junk, no weight gain
Day 2 - You still eat junk - Stay the same
Day 3 - You continue to eat junk - You gain weight

& by following that, it takes the stress off of worrying about your weight.

Now I am not saying this is fool proof (far from it) as everyone has different bodies, so the chances it works for everyone is next to impossible. But if you tweak it for your needs, well a sticky day could have its advantages.

So next time you have a treat, don't feel guilty, just write 'sticky day' on your sheet & then forget about it, start afresh the next day & don't care about the 2 words on the other side.

Just be one with the sticky day.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Detox & The World's Best Jacket Potato!

Not 2 subjects you hear together really, but bear with me..

I was reading an interesting article in Men's Fitness (I have subcribed to this & Men's Health for many a year now) about 'Detoxification'.. Now the premise of the article is a) there are a bucket load of detox kits & b) they don't work. That's in a nutshell.

You see, our bodies have evolved perfectly & within that our systems & organs work in harmony.. In essence, we detox quite well by ourselves, quietly minding its own business our bodies do the detoxing for us & we never thank it.. (Thank you body!!)

However, our bodies can only take so much & furthermore, due to obesity, it doesn't function as it should.. The solution? Healthy eating, enough sleep, exercising regularly & drinking fluids, create a balance & restore our detox cycle. So the products in Boots are really just empty holes you throw money into, when your body does the same job, only more efficient.

Which leads me onto the potato.. (somehow) I made the world's best jacket potato, 6 minutes in the microwave to soften it up, rub some salt into it & bung it in the oven for 20 mins.. Cooked to loveliness, nice & crispy. I used to never make a nice, crispy potato.. Until I read how to do it properly. Much like detox.

See? I told you the 2 subjects were related x

I went for a trip to the 9th Dimension..

But am back now. Nice place, the Cow God was pretty cool too.

So that is why I haven't had a new post folks, my apologies, but sometimes a break is just what you need.. Even if it is to the 9th Dimension.

Well, I am doing well on the diet, the 22 points Fast Track is doing the trick.. Even though I am 12 points under I don't feel hungry or snack which is awesome & is helping keep on track so much better. But am looking forward to going back to full points, at the present this is integrating me back into the points etc.

I don't feel bloated or icky & generally feel happier..

Will report back later x

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

1st Meeting at Weight Watchers

Well, that went well..

I went for my 1st weigh in & put on 12lbs! Errr.. I laughed. I had approximated I had put on a stone so I was happy to have been under.

Now I am back on the diet & I am so glad to be on it. I can look forward to food I control & a structure that I didn't have over christmas.

Now is time to put my game face on & get down to this. I lost 36lb in 9 weeks before christmas, so here I go x

On a diet note, I started the challenge for the Axis Of Evil today. I gave them their 1st goal within that challenge.. For one day in this week they have to discard a treat they would normally have & eat a piece of fruit instead. I normally treat myself to a chip barm after Weigh In, but this time I had an orange.. I feel better in a silly way, or is it silly? I have avoided eating junk & had a nice peice of fruit (after my soup) for dinner, not once have I said 'I shouldn't have eaten that' or regretted it either. With that small goal for the challengers, it is just to give a nice feeling & encourage to try eating more fruit. (It's the nurse in me).

Also, speaking of having a soup, I am addicted to the Baxters Spicy Parsnip Soup, it's lovely & filling.. Only 4 points too.

Right, am off to Tesco to do a shop for all my diety needs..

Catch you later x

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Bleak.. But Birdsong rocks!!

Oh I do apologise for the last post.. It seems I wandered into the soul of Darth Vader (pre 'I'm yer dad phase') & went all emo there.

It's Byron's fault, he sends me that way..

Well, it's the eve of judgement day, when I found out due to vast inhalation of lard, how much I have put on. I'm not attempting to kid myself by guessing, but if I am the same weight I was when i started I would not be surprised.. But it happens & to be honest, I am glad I did it, but now I am ready to get back on the diet & skip merrily down the path of weight loss.

Nowt much happening today, although I will have to mention the second part of the title.

About a year ago, I was messing about with my DAB radio & I came upon a station called 'Birdsong', & I have been hooked ever since. It is just a continuous loop of birds singing, about an hours worth & then restarts.. It doesn't sound like fun, but it is the most calming thing I have ever heard, you can read with it as there is no speaking, surf the web etc, it is great to wake up to & just have on all day as a relaxation thing. I urge anyone who has DAB to try it.. My cats seem to like it too.

Ooh & there is a new Nicholas Crane series on tonight, I loved him in Map Man & Great British Journeys, now he is doing 'Britannia' which is a 3 part series with him following William Camden's great map from 1586, & he sets out to find Elizabethan Britain. I can't wait! (BBC2 9pm)

Anyway, have to go, bath awaits x

Monday, 5 January 2009


I had a dream, which was not all a dream.
The bright sun was extinguish'd
and the stars did wander...

It is an excerpt of 'Darkness' by Byron, it's an awesome poem & what is most interesting is why it was written.

In 1815, Tambora exploded, it was a mountain in Indonesia, the explosion was 150 times the size of Mount St Helens, approximately 60,000 Hiroshima sized Atom Bombs!! (The initial devastation & resulting tsunamis killed over a hundred thousand people)

Over 240 kilometres of smoky ash, dust & grit were blown into the atmosphere, obscuring the sun's rays & causing the earth to cool.. It was an eternal winter. The artist Turner painted a famous sunset showing the effect this had, unusually colourful sunsets but blurry also.

It was an extraordinary event. Bad enough was that at that time Europe & North America had endured a Little Ice Age (for 200 years), so it wasn't a very warm time. Because of the explosion, the earth's thermostat fell by 1 degree Celsius..

One degree caused hundreds of thousands to die following the cataclysmic event.

& yet, a poem was written that depicted the solemnity of the event..

I don't know where I am going with this one, I just though I would mention it as it is amazing that you never hear of it..

So I am going to bow my head & give the people who died a minute's silence..

A Quandary.

Has to be a quick one I am afraid, as I am away to a comedy night (what? No I am NOT looking in a mirror..).

I have my WW meeting on wednesday, so why for the past week (& Christmas) have I been eating like a monster unrestrained? Why am I waiting to that day when I can start afresh?

Maybe it's because I need the discipline of the meeting, the order or the structure to the routine?

Or maybe, it's because I am desperately hanging on to the lovely food that I have so delightfully enjoyed for the past few weeks & don't want to let go until the last minute.

Oh balls.. I have just answered my own question.


Sunday, 4 January 2009

World's Strongest Man

I was watching World's Strongest Man (I have followed it for years) & was impressed by the talent this year, unbelievable show.. My favourite was Terry Hollands, he is from the UK. Out of the 10 he came last, but he put in a fantastic performance.. Now last might sound shitty & it isn't as good as 1st, but how many of us could lift 225kg up 15 steps, or drag a 45 ton plane 25 metres? I for one couldn't, & everyone who says that last is a bad place are most likely unable to drag themselves upstairs, let alone 225kg also. So well done Terry for a) getting to the final & b) for fighting to the end..

I think the funniest thing about the event was the quiz in the breaks, simple in itself.. Which Strong Man had his hair cut by Delilah? Was it:
A) Hercules
B) Samson
C) Achilles

Now the actual answer is none of them. What?! You may ask.. It was Samson. Well, in fact it was a servant of Delilah who cut Samson's hair, not Delilah herself. Okay, it's bad semantics.. but
I thought it was funny.

For your information, Marius Pudjianowski won it for the 5th time, being the 1st World's Strongest man to win it 5 times. He pulled a 35 ton truck with a torn calf in the qualifiers, Jesus!!

I used to want to be as big as those men, I used to train hard & long.. Then I had a succession of injuries & it all went downhill.. Once I lose this weight, I want to go back to the gym & build up again, just do it slower & much more learned about it. I have one thing my young self didn't have, experience. Okay I was stronger back then, but sometimes being more knowledgable can be more beneficial.

But I hate gyms.. Oh how I hate these new breed of gyms, for people who don't sweat or who have no concept of exercise.. Like reading on a bike or treadmill.. Fucking reading?!?!

I remember the gym I used to frequent when I was younger (When I say younger, I mean 21, I'm only 31 now), it was the type of gym that was held together with damp, the gym with no central heating or air conditioning. The only thing you had to do was work out, no tv's connected to Sky, or running machines with radios, no music over the tannoy system, or electrical equipment.. It was solid free weights, or the pulley machines. The kind of gym where you went, trained & left. The guys were friendly & helped you spot when you were bench pressing or doing squats, I loved it.. & now they are all sadly gone.

I joined a gym when I 1st joined WW, I won't say who it was (But it rhymed with 'Pit Ness Hurst'), besides being rip off merchants, there was no camaraderie like there was in the damp gym.. I asked someone to spot me & all I got was a "I'm busy".. Which is what I hated, so I left.

Which is why I would love to open a gym of the like I used to go to. Not a damp gym, where the only development in your body is Legionairre's disease. No, a gym where televisions, radio, electrical equipment & other bullshit that would otherwise distract the person from doing what they should be doing in the gym - TRAINING OR EXERCISING!!

Ahem! Sorry.. I would make sure that everyone helps out & advice can be freely obtained, instead of having to take out a mortgage for a personal trainer. That the regulars would be friendly & helpful.

Oh & I would ban lycra too.

My apologies for that, but I miss those days. Once I lose this weight, I am going to find a gym just like my old one.. & that's another thing, the name of these new gyms, what's the deal? My old gym was called 'Powerhouse Gym' that was all it needed to say, blunt & to the point.

Anyway, I shall go now.. Have to visualise my gym.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Early Morning Reading..

I am currently reading Men's Fitness, & an article in there was entitled 'Should I Eat After 8pm?', now the chap who said "No" brought up some interesting points to which I shall not bore you with, but he did come out with an old maxim 'Breakfast Like A King, Lunch Like A Lord, & Dine Like A Pauper', to which we shall come to.

However, on the "Yes" side was a woman who is Chief Scientific Officer for Weightwatchers, this is what she said -

"It's the number of calories you consume over the course of a day, not the hour of the day you eat, that contributes to weight gain. A swedish trial found that people given meals after 8pm burned the same number of total calories as those who were fed three meals before this time.

There are some behaviourial reasons why people link weight gain to eating late. If someone who normally snacks in the evening suddenly stops then they will probably lose weight - but this is because total daily calorie consumption is lower, not because of the time factor. Our bodies aren't machines that turn on or off: we're constantly burning calories to stay alive. Your metabolism may slow down at the end of the day but not by enough to make a difference to weight gain. The bottom line is that a calorie is a calorie, no matter what the clock says.

Humans are creatures of habit. They come in from work and switch off with some sort of 'treat', but forget to include these calories in their daily allowance. If you are prone to sitting in front of the TV with a bowl of ice cream or a packet of crisps, then it may be worth putting a restriction on what time of day you eat, or make sure these calories are accounted for in your daily allowance." (Karen Miller-Kovach 2009)

Now I have always admired the old maxim 'Breakfast Like A King, Lunch Like A Lord, & Dine Like A Pauper' as on the previous Weightwatchers diet (& this one) I have followed that ideal.. It is because it is so simplistic in its approach, & I did lose weight with it.

The interesting thing about this is valid points have been made, that a) we are creatures of habit, b) a calorie is a calorie, no matter what the clock says & c) dine like a pauper, if you are unsure.

In The Last Instance..

I should have come on earlier, but thanks to a headache that felt like a rhino was on its vinegar strokes, I kind of stayed away from a screen..

I was going to have this blog as just my weight los, but I thought shit off, I can write what I like, so it is about my (eventual) weight demise, but also for me to rant on x

I watched Zack & Miri Makes A Porno earlier & nearly wet myself, such a funny film.. Kevin Smith is an awesome Writer/Director & I'm also glad to see Jason Mewes being as disgusting as ever, that man is my idol! Only wish I could see another Jay & Silent Bob film. I won't ruin it for you, but the anal/camera scene is hysterical..

I haven't done much today & I have certainly not been on my diet, but wednesday is looming & I cannot wait x

Right, going to shift my butt into doing something.. have a good one x

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Okay this is a pic of me taken to shame myself in November, just in the beginnings of Weightwatchers.. I hate pics of myself put I suppose the most useful thing about putting a pic of me on here is it will help other people to lose weight.

My Challenge..

Okay, this is fun..

Just emailed about 24 ladies on the Weightwatcher's forums, who have joined my challenge..

The premise of the challenge is easy, of any challenge you might say, it is to lose a stone for March.

The reason? Well, seeing as you asked nicely, 'twas in response to a lady on the forum, who wanted to lose a stone for March & wanted a nemesis to help her.. Tragically she got a few too many replies (which is a bit worrying) so foolishly I said, 'well why don't I make a challenge up?' (as you can tell I am full of eloquence when it comes to these ideas).

So here we are, the challenge is so aptly named 'The Axis Of Evil Challenge' as there are quite a few nemesis's involved, & I am Osama Bin BryBry (Don't ask & no, I haven't been emailed by the Anti Terrorist Branch yet, or George Bush sadly).

I am trying to go a different way with this challenge.. Keep the challenge simple, but add a few secret goals in their to keep it fun & not boring as such.

Well I had better go, once I get the hang of this blog I shall put up pics & stuff, but to be honest I don't have any & don't want any.

Have a good one x

Ooooh I have an email.. Hello? Ahh Mr Bush... No I can't quite say I have heard of Guantanamo Bay, why?

1st Blog of 2009..

Hmm? Not exactly sure how I got here.. All I can remember was walking down the street, then it went blank & I ended up here somehow. Maybe my memory will return..

I guess everyone is writing a blog these days so I might as well put in my pennies worth.

My name is Bryan, I have been doing Weight Watchers for a few years & this is my 2nd attempt to lose the weight. The 1st time back in 2005 saw me lose 6 stone in 6 months, I got down to 15 stone 4lbs, then lost it completely. Now I am back, started in Nov 2008 & lost 36 lb in 9 weeks.. Thanks to christmas & new year I believe I have inhaled it all back on, so am waiting impatiently to go back to weigh in next wednesday to see what damage limitation I need to ensue.

So God only knows what weight I am at present..

We shall see x