Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A Deliberation On Determination.

I had some bad news before.. Basically this job that I wanted I didn't get.. Slightly depressed.

So what do I do? I get a banana & 2 apples.. Hmm? Normally I would say 'feck the diet' & go eat something that was extremely greazy (yes I know it is with an 's', watch the ape of death scene in The Mighty Boosh) & has dubious acclamations to its origins..

But I unconsciously went into the fridge & got those 3 pieces of fruit out.. Which I think is an amazing milestone. Pat on the back for me x

So I wonder if I can carry this on, & bring myself to stop eating emotionally, or because I like it. This shows me I can do it..

Yes I enjoy fast food, because it tastes nice. But so does the food I cook from scratch.. I made a fab chilli con carne using WW sauce, vegetables & minced beef (obviously) & it tasted divine.

But is fast food enjoyable cos it is readily available, or is it education vs ignorance?

I can attest to the love of fast food, as after work I came home, ordered it & just vegetated.. It is that simple. Because of this, I fell into a habitual circle that exacerbated & ended up with me being morbidly obese. That was me being ignorant to healthy foods, or a healthier lifestyle, & it impacts on everything you do.. but being overweight his habit forming & the circle just sucks you in.

Now though.. I still have some way to go, but I am saving money & also, feeling much better. I can walk better, sleep better, I feel more confident & my friends see it too. .

So through education of WeightWatchers I am able to see a better me, a healthier me.

I never used to tell anyone I was on WeightWatchers, now I proudly tell everyone.

It is something to shout about x


  1. I am a fiend for fast food too. It is a huge part of how I got to almost 300 pounds (twice).

    For me, my tastes had changed so much by the time I got to goal that I hated fast food. I would only eat it our of desperation or to be polite. However, the farther I got away from my diet, and the longer I was at my goal weight, the more I turned toward the "bad" foods out of laziness, and lack of planning. It was a slippery slope and it started to taste good again so much faster than I thought it could.

    All my education through WW didn't help me stay off the slope and I ended up back where I started.

    When I get back to goal this time, I'll know that education is not enough. I have to stay vigilant about fast food for the rest of my life. It is too insidious.

  2. Fast food, junk food et al really should be regulated in some way.

    I'm about to post something on the subject in my blog, rather than clog up yours, Bry.

    By the way, the WW sauces really aren't very good. I'm actually appalled at how bad the pasta ones are! I make fantastic low point sauces all the time - you should check out some of my recipes, make a whole load in advance, portion them out, and then freeze them. Easy peasy!

    Sorry you didn't get the job, by the way. Did they give you a reason? Do you have anything else on the horizon?

  3. Sorry to hear you didn't get the job mate. Fingers crossed that something will come along soon.

    As far as fast food is concerned I've never been that bad but I do like Chinese so when I eat it, I really go mad. Well, I used to go mad. Starting to be in control now :O) xox

  4. soz u didnt get the job their loss. and u did better than i did with binge eating i wudve head straight for choc!!!.
    know wot u mean by eating better my job yesterday all got chippie and i sat there with ww curry and i wasnt one bit jealous of them.
    best of luck for the week xxx