Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Consider My Timbers Shivered!

& why would the main brace need splicing for that matter?? Oh well..

Have just come back from WI & lost a remarkable 5lbs! Which I am so chuffed about, as this is the weight I was prior to the christmas inhaling incident.. So with renewed vigour I can begin again x

I think it is partly because I have cooked fresh all week & done some good walks.. either way, it has worked.

Also, I can fit into my old suit (well, when I say old, I wore it once 3 year ago when it fitted) so there is a bonus.. Have got an interview later on, so will be wearing it with pride.

So today is, I have declared, a good day.. So arr harr Jim Lad, Yo Ho Ho, & a bottle of Diet Coke..

There be treasure upon that map arrrr!


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