Thursday, 5 February 2009

Destination: Unknown

I fear my minions on my challenge will not love me when they check their inboxes this morning.. I have set a mini-goal which I don't think they will like..

Allow me to explain. Each week I give them a mini-goal to separate the monotomy of the challenge & to provide a distraction to an otherwise stressful time when we have to lose weight. Mostly it has been simple things..
  • For one day of the week, instead of having that treat, eat a piece of fruit
  • Reduce one product you use, such as Flora Light to Flora Extra Light
  • Do one Press Up a day
But this one, oh boy.

I have asked my minions to not use their bonus points for a week (well, up to wednesday anyway).. & I feel it is a good one, just not going to be widely accepted.

The idea came to me when I was watching Supersize Vs Superskinny, & it was that the club that Anna Richardson has set up g & go on these challenges each week, then show how many calories are lost & offer them the choice of being able to eat a treat (cheese, cake, chocolate) or bank the points, ie just don't use them at all.

It then came to me that you find people having Bonus Points & occasionally staying the same or putting on, & usually the saying 'well, I did my exercises' & I wondered, could it be down to the Bonus Points?

I am not trying to take anything away from them (well, for a week anyway), but I sometimes think do they give themselves more points than they should or because they are exercising thinking 'well, one more X won't do me any harm'..

So until wednesday I have requested they don't use their Bonus Points. & for the people who don't exercise? I have asked them for half an hour a day to exercise, be it in whatever form they desire; Oh & to not use the Bonus Points.. Should be interesting.

Am feeling good this morning, have had scrambled egg on toast at 0700 & feel more human for it. Not planned my meals today, I shall stick my head in the fridge & mooch about.

Which gives a bit of randomness to the solemnity of the event.

Bye x


  1. Oh I like that idea of mini challenges...hmmm.....will think of signing up for minion duty!!!!

  2. Love the mini challenges! I might have to steal that idea! :)

  3. More than welcome to sign up ro steal it lol

    I come up with new ones for my minions every wednesday.. I just think it helps..x

  4. Love the mini goals idea. I try to perfect one healthy habit per week and it works for me.