Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Okay who stopped time?

Last thing I remember was it being last wednesday.. Has it been that long since I last posted? Sheesh..

Okay, not the best week this week, have followed the diet for 5 days roughly (& not all in order), I partly blame the half pound I put on.. But I mostly blame myself.

It is so easy to say 'Well, it's because I put on' rather than say 'I couldn't be bothered', so I am to blame & now the truth has come out, I can begin afresh.

Because that is what this is about.. Weightwatchers isn't a quick fix, it isn't about being good all the time, it isn't a competition. It is about discovering yourself, eating well & most of all, changing your lifestyle. So what if I have a week where I can't be bothered? That is just an admittance of being human, not weakness.

We need to have breaks in the diet otherwise we would all go mad. It is about being able to realise that & try not to blame others, or inanimate objects that do not govern us, or are there because we put them there.. that half a pound of fat for example.

So that Itch has succeeded temporarily to halt my path of righteousness but only for this week, there are still more to come.

I know I have put on this week, I can feel it.. But, I have done 2 big walks this week (one took 2 hours, the other took 3 hours) so I have still had my exercise.

So back on the diet now.. No excuses. I have to be slim for July.. Apparently it is going to be a really good summer & my tshirts are crying to be freed from oppression.

All in good time x

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  1. Don't say the dirty "d" word!!! That's a curse word at our WW meetings. that's like saying the F word.
    It's all about a change...a choice to make your eating and exercise better than before.
    Don't worry, one or two bad weeks does not your life make.
    I should be listening to my own advice now. Because I've lost my mojo for this. I'm sitting on a fence right now...and I'm not sure what way I'll fall yet....time will tell...