Sunday, 30 March 2014

My Annual Check In..

I'm starting to think that this is going to be yearly thing & my posts will start to get cobwebs on them.. Every year I say I must try harder or that I mean to post & I never do, which is jolly frustrating. 

Anyhow, things are good & I have a few ideas for posts that will no doubt delight & deliver much needed light to this dark corner of what is my blog..

But for now, I leave you with news that I am still dieting (There's a surprise) & I am otherwise well..

See you next year!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Time is relative.

I keep forgetting to post a blog, my descent into insanity must have been quicker than I thought.  Where was I? Well, I failed in 2012 to stick to the diet but went back to the first meeting of 2013. .  In my first week I lost a record 11.5lbs & yesterday went back & lost 3.5lbs. So 15lbs in 2 weeks is not bad.
My only problem is sticking to it, I so often lose it after a few weeks.. So if anybody still reading this wants to helo me, let me know.

I will ramble on each week trying to find something to talk about, but until then I shall bid you a farewell for now x

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun.. Right?

Looking through previous posts & the last post, it is hard to believe that I have left it so long.. But alas, following the departing of my father to a higher plane of existence, I can sometimes see why I left it.

Places to go, people to see, bills to pay.. It seems a lifetime away.

So, where were we? Well, I am now 20 stone 2lbs following a very long & arduous hiatus to weightwatchers & cherishing every mouthful of vaguely dubiously identifiable foodstuffs. So I weighed in yesterday.. I can't blame anybody but myself & for that I am grateful.. I could blame work, or friends, or the weather for that matter, but what would be the point? Blaming others would only create an excuse for myself, & that is where the problem lies.

So I am back on it, raring to go, new recipes to try, new clothes to lock into the prison that is my wardrobe. I keep saying "this is the last time" but you say that so you don't despair.

So, I will try & blog every week after weigh in, especially now I have the blogger app on my phone, I can't really find an excuse then.. I miss blogging, it airs things out & stops the from dwelling in the recesses of my mind & festering.. & I hope I have still have readers out there.

So welcome back to my blog chaps & chapettes, let's do this journey together again, for the sake of old times x

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Has it really been almost a year since I wrote anything? o.O

I can't believe that it has been this length of time since I sat down & wrote anything.. Jeepers.

Well, I have put weight back on, almost 4 stone since my last blog. But I am now back on this new pro points plan & need something to take my mind off things at present.

My dad passed away last friday, aged 64.. it was a complete surprise & I feel numb to say the least.

But I need to find something to take my mind off things & by doing this new plan, it is. It gives me some form of control that I feel is missing at this time.

So, on a sad note, I shall leave it here & hopefully pick up this blog again pretty soon.

Good luck to all out there & god speed x

Sunday, 17 January 2010

The Delay in Diet Blog Was Due To Snow On The Line..

Well, it works for public transport so why not me?

My apologies in writing a new blog post but was jolly busy, what with work & dieting & having a life outside, which I have to say, is awfully stressful.

Right, on to the good part.. I lost 7lbs last week! Which puts me at 15 stone 10 lbs & my BMI classifies me as overweight & not obese, which is nice.

So, 2nd week back on track & am feeling fab, it is nice not to be bloated & have energy & ultimately, be in control of what I eat again.  I bought some weightwatchers scales, as I know I can do this without meetings & to be honest, the meetings held me back..

I found that going to the meetings each week was very stressful & that stress manifested itself into bad eating. So remove the trigger & it suddenly becomes easier.  So am doing well & the scales are fine to use, they show my weight, that is all I need.  I believe that some technology hinders progress, but that is for another topic.

We shall see what wednesday brings.  New blog post on its way with an actual weightwatchers topic on it, gasp!

Stay Frosty x

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

When Ideas Aren't Best Thought Out..

I am currently waiting on weigh in sometime next week to start the diet.. So why dont I start it now? It is daft, that I need an exact point in time to commence something that I could start today & feel better in a couple of days.. the logic is blinding.

And the funny thing is I am sick of eating crappy foods, I just don't feel it anymore. I am at that point now where my body is physically to used to the junk food.. where the points between junk food & comfort correspond & healthy eating is just a blur.

I could start the weightwatchers tomorrow with the greatest of ease, but I am waiting for a time when I can go to a weigh in.  Maybe it is the point of finding out how much I have inhaled which is stopping me from dieting now, to shock my subconscious into realising what damage I have done. & by not dieting now I have an accurate representation of the scale of destruction my falling off the wagon has done, maybe.

Or maybe it is that I am scared.

Either way, next weigh in I am going & 2010 is going to be the year I get to goal.  I have too much to look good for that I cannot be a fatty.  Vanity? Oh hell yes!

Monday, 28 December 2009

What Manner Of Time & Space Is This?

Where am I? & for that matter, where have I been?!

Oh it feels an age since I have been here & I have missed it too.. So allow me to state that I am okay & just been too busy, but am getting things on track again x

I managed in November to get to 14 stone 10.5lbs, from 20 stone 8lbs, but have epically failed & been off track for what seems like aeons ago.

But am going to go to the New Year meeting & finally get this back on track, because boy! Am I feeling it now..  I feel grotty & bloated, but most of all I miss the implemented regime that helped me back on track.

I miss blogging, so am starting again to put down my thoughts & somehow make sense of this life..

It has been too long & I have missed you all x