Tuesday, 29 December 2009

When Ideas Aren't Best Thought Out..

I am currently waiting on weigh in sometime next week to start the diet.. So why dont I start it now? It is daft, that I need an exact point in time to commence something that I could start today & feel better in a couple of days.. the logic is blinding.

And the funny thing is I am sick of eating crappy foods, I just don't feel it anymore. I am at that point now where my body is physically to used to the junk food.. where the points between junk food & comfort correspond & healthy eating is just a blur.

I could start the weightwatchers tomorrow with the greatest of ease, but I am waiting for a time when I can go to a weigh in.  Maybe it is the point of finding out how much I have inhaled which is stopping me from dieting now, to shock my subconscious into realising what damage I have done. & by not dieting now I have an accurate representation of the scale of destruction my falling off the wagon has done, maybe.

Or maybe it is that I am scared.

Either way, next weigh in I am going & 2010 is going to be the year I get to goal.  I have too much to look good for that I cannot be a fatty.  Vanity? Oh hell yes!


  1. For some reason starting at the beginning of a new year seems a lot easier than at other times. When we walk into the shops next week they'll all be focusing on healthy eating, lower fat/sugar/salt products will be on display at the end of aisles. All the exercise DVD's will be being advertised on the TV. Happy New Year to you and good luck in 2010 x

  2. Happy New year and good luck.

    its good to pick a point at which to start from.

    i started last monday, mainly cos my class was open and it was good to face the music of xmas.

    this mondays WI will mark 12 months membership of my SW class, so i'm gonna use this weeks WI to set myself some mini targets!!

    good luck with this years WI xxx