Thursday, 8 November 2012

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun.. Right?

Looking through previous posts & the last post, it is hard to believe that I have left it so long.. But alas, following the departing of my father to a higher plane of existence, I can sometimes see why I left it.

Places to go, people to see, bills to pay.. It seems a lifetime away.

So, where were we? Well, I am now 20 stone 2lbs following a very long & arduous hiatus to weightwatchers & cherishing every mouthful of vaguely dubiously identifiable foodstuffs. So I weighed in yesterday.. I can't blame anybody but myself & for that I am grateful.. I could blame work, or friends, or the weather for that matter, but what would be the point? Blaming others would only create an excuse for myself, & that is where the problem lies.

So I am back on it, raring to go, new recipes to try, new clothes to lock into the prison that is my wardrobe. I keep saying "this is the last time" but you say that so you don't despair.

So, I will try & blog every week after weigh in, especially now I have the blogger app on my phone, I can't really find an excuse then.. I miss blogging, it airs things out & stops the from dwelling in the recesses of my mind & festering.. & I hope I have still have readers out there.

So welcome back to my blog chaps & chapettes, let's do this journey together again, for the sake of old times x

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