Saturday, 17 January 2009

It's that blockage in the blog again!!

Sorry for the delay folks.. Had a slight brain fart there.

Again I am going to trundle on & see where this path leads me to.. That is what we do with dieting I guess; we come across a fork in the road, should I turn left onto Chip Street or right onto Healthy Avenue? It's one of those things. I like to plan my meals, not all of them but just some, that way I know I am in control.

There was a question asked on the forum before about why do we feel like stuffing ourselves silly in the winter period, or at the very least, when it is cold & dark? I think it stems back to prehistoric times (God Bry! You go on about prehistoric blah blah, why don't you just go live there?) again.. I think it is a mechanism deep rooted into the pathways of the brain far far forgotten to even rouse subconsciously, that in the dark & wintry times, spark a slight synapse that makes us attempt to eat more so that we put on weight. Now the weight back in those days had 2 advantages.. 1, it helped with the hard times when food was scarce enough, so that if you didn't have much to eat then you could rely on the fat to supply your body & thus you wouldn't cease to exist, & 2, it helped insulate you somewhat from the cold.

That said, we do have central heating now.. & electricity.

So why do we still do it? Oh I don't know; because we are human & deep in there is a survival instinct, to be allowed to still exist?

Saying that, it could be because we like our food.

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