Thursday, 1 January 2009

My Challenge..

Okay, this is fun..

Just emailed about 24 ladies on the Weightwatcher's forums, who have joined my challenge..

The premise of the challenge is easy, of any challenge you might say, it is to lose a stone for March.

The reason? Well, seeing as you asked nicely, 'twas in response to a lady on the forum, who wanted to lose a stone for March & wanted a nemesis to help her.. Tragically she got a few too many replies (which is a bit worrying) so foolishly I said, 'well why don't I make a challenge up?' (as you can tell I am full of eloquence when it comes to these ideas).

So here we are, the challenge is so aptly named 'The Axis Of Evil Challenge' as there are quite a few nemesis's involved, & I am Osama Bin BryBry (Don't ask & no, I haven't been emailed by the Anti Terrorist Branch yet, or George Bush sadly).

I am trying to go a different way with this challenge.. Keep the challenge simple, but add a few secret goals in their to keep it fun & not boring as such.

Well I had better go, once I get the hang of this blog I shall put up pics & stuff, but to be honest I don't have any & don't want any.

Have a good one x

Ooooh I have an email.. Hello? Ahh Mr Bush... No I can't quite say I have heard of Guantanamo Bay, why?

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