Sunday, 4 January 2009

World's Strongest Man

I was watching World's Strongest Man (I have followed it for years) & was impressed by the talent this year, unbelievable show.. My favourite was Terry Hollands, he is from the UK. Out of the 10 he came last, but he put in a fantastic performance.. Now last might sound shitty & it isn't as good as 1st, but how many of us could lift 225kg up 15 steps, or drag a 45 ton plane 25 metres? I for one couldn't, & everyone who says that last is a bad place are most likely unable to drag themselves upstairs, let alone 225kg also. So well done Terry for a) getting to the final & b) for fighting to the end..

I think the funniest thing about the event was the quiz in the breaks, simple in itself.. Which Strong Man had his hair cut by Delilah? Was it:
A) Hercules
B) Samson
C) Achilles

Now the actual answer is none of them. What?! You may ask.. It was Samson. Well, in fact it was a servant of Delilah who cut Samson's hair, not Delilah herself. Okay, it's bad semantics.. but
I thought it was funny.

For your information, Marius Pudjianowski won it for the 5th time, being the 1st World's Strongest man to win it 5 times. He pulled a 35 ton truck with a torn calf in the qualifiers, Jesus!!

I used to want to be as big as those men, I used to train hard & long.. Then I had a succession of injuries & it all went downhill.. Once I lose this weight, I want to go back to the gym & build up again, just do it slower & much more learned about it. I have one thing my young self didn't have, experience. Okay I was stronger back then, but sometimes being more knowledgable can be more beneficial.

But I hate gyms.. Oh how I hate these new breed of gyms, for people who don't sweat or who have no concept of exercise.. Like reading on a bike or treadmill.. Fucking reading?!?!

I remember the gym I used to frequent when I was younger (When I say younger, I mean 21, I'm only 31 now), it was the type of gym that was held together with damp, the gym with no central heating or air conditioning. The only thing you had to do was work out, no tv's connected to Sky, or running machines with radios, no music over the tannoy system, or electrical equipment.. It was solid free weights, or the pulley machines. The kind of gym where you went, trained & left. The guys were friendly & helped you spot when you were bench pressing or doing squats, I loved it.. & now they are all sadly gone.

I joined a gym when I 1st joined WW, I won't say who it was (But it rhymed with 'Pit Ness Hurst'), besides being rip off merchants, there was no camaraderie like there was in the damp gym.. I asked someone to spot me & all I got was a "I'm busy".. Which is what I hated, so I left.

Which is why I would love to open a gym of the like I used to go to. Not a damp gym, where the only development in your body is Legionairre's disease. No, a gym where televisions, radio, electrical equipment & other bullshit that would otherwise distract the person from doing what they should be doing in the gym - TRAINING OR EXERCISING!!

Ahem! Sorry.. I would make sure that everyone helps out & advice can be freely obtained, instead of having to take out a mortgage for a personal trainer. That the regulars would be friendly & helpful.

Oh & I would ban lycra too.

My apologies for that, but I miss those days. Once I lose this weight, I am going to find a gym just like my old one.. & that's another thing, the name of these new gyms, what's the deal? My old gym was called 'Powerhouse Gym' that was all it needed to say, blunt & to the point.

Anyway, I shall go now.. Have to visualise my gym.


  1. I've watched the world's strongest man since I was a kid - Jon Pall Sigmarsson has always been something of an idol to me - I spent many a night trying to familiarise myself with icelandic mythology so that I might one day impress him with my magnificent cleavage and my in-depth knowledge of 'The Ring of the Nibelungs'! Sadly that will of course never happen now, but he remains my idol and my inspiration on my own epic (weight loss) saga.

    Great blog btw!
    Kate :-)

  2. Sigmarsson was a legend & had he not died, he would have have made Marius look like twiggy.. He was a monster! In a good way of course..