Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Sticky Days

Once again, apologies for another delay in the post.. I had a blog blockage yesterday.

I won't purport to actually inventing it, because there are so many different definitions to it, & everyone has a name for it.. What magical invention is this? You might ask. Well, I'm talking about sticky days.

Now if you have never heard of the word (or never been on the Weight Watchers forum with me blabbing on about it) allow me to jog your memory:

A sticky day is quite simply a day where you treat yourself to what you want & to Hell with it.. but here is the rub; it can help with your weight loss & makes you more determined.

I was first put on the idea of this from an old friend called Tim who I trained with, who told me that once a month or so just go batshit bonkers on what you eat & by the next day you feel so guilty that you stay on the regime.

And it worked. The same goes for Weight Watchers, before christmas I had one sticky day a week (mainly on a wednesday after Weigh In) & I still managed to lose weight, be it chips, a kebab or a chinese.

But the real cleverness is knowing when to stop; it is easy to carry on the sticky day until it becomes a sticky week etc so having a modicum of self control really helps you with a sticky day. However, once you have ate the treat you immediately feel guilty about scoffing it, so you become more determined to stay on track.

I also go on a 3 day rule for a sticky day, & this was also confirmed in Men's Fitness, which I was chuffed about.

Day 1 - You eat junk, no weight gain
Day 2 - You still eat junk - Stay the same
Day 3 - You continue to eat junk - You gain weight

& by following that, it takes the stress off of worrying about your weight.

Now I am not saying this is fool proof (far from it) as everyone has different bodies, so the chances it works for everyone is next to impossible. But if you tweak it for your needs, well a sticky day could have its advantages.

So next time you have a treat, don't feel guilty, just write 'sticky day' on your sheet & then forget about it, start afresh the next day & don't care about the 2 words on the other side.

Just be one with the sticky day.


  1. I lurve this idea! I have the odd blow out day and normally get away with it as long as it doesn't happen every week!

  2. It works x

    glad to see it vindicated.