Monday, 26 January 2009

The Diet Coke Conjecture

I have been doing an experiment this week, one that has been fraught with dangers & deep intrigue.. I have given up diet coke for a week.

I am keen to see what effects it has on weight loss & myself in general. Now before I have people saying stuff about the issues with Aspartame, allow me to enlighten you..

Aspartame is in tens of thousands of products, it has been deemed safe by the American FDA & also, the British Food Standards Agency.

Aspartame was designed to be safer than sugar, as we know sugar isn't exactly conducive to our health & teeth in the mountains we shovel onto stuff.. So the boffins that be chemically designed a sweetener to be 600 times sweeter than sugar but with a fraction of the calories.

The studies that stated aspartame was dangerous was funded by the sugar association of america, those lovely people who own the sugar corporations. So I wouldn't even entertain them, in fact when I read who funded it, I stopped reading.

Also, there was supposed to be a link to cancer; Last year they said barbecuing foods too much caused cancer.. Eating too many apples caused cancer..Having too much fibre caused cancer..Going out in the sun causes cancer...Oh & now, mouthwash causes oral cancer.

Anyway, to the point again.. I feel no different. I drink Diet Coke because I like the taste of it, & yes, I do drink a fair amount, but to be honest as long as I am drinking 2l of fluid a day it doesn't matter what I drink.

Diet Coke is, in my opinion, better than normal Coke, it's just the stickiness of the taste of Coke that puts me off.. Coke Zero is okay, less stickier than Coke.

Hm? I'm having a side effect, I am talking a tad obsessively about Coke, D'oh!

I don't feel sluggish or bloated when drinking Diet Coke, I don't have issues with my teeth, or spots, & by stopping for a week with no complications, I find that it isn't addictiveness that keeps me drinking it, but complacency. Yes, I do drink water & cordial, but I do prefer something with a better taste & Diet Coke does that for me.

So this is my 6th day without Diet Coke & I am fine, am going to wait for my Weigh In though to see if there is any difference.

I can't see myself stopping, but if it is a good amount, I may cut down.

Maybe x

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  1. Good experiment, I look forward to hearing if it made any difference.