Sunday, 11 January 2009

Detox & The World's Best Jacket Potato!

Not 2 subjects you hear together really, but bear with me..

I was reading an interesting article in Men's Fitness (I have subcribed to this & Men's Health for many a year now) about 'Detoxification'.. Now the premise of the article is a) there are a bucket load of detox kits & b) they don't work. That's in a nutshell.

You see, our bodies have evolved perfectly & within that our systems & organs work in harmony.. In essence, we detox quite well by ourselves, quietly minding its own business our bodies do the detoxing for us & we never thank it.. (Thank you body!!)

However, our bodies can only take so much & furthermore, due to obesity, it doesn't function as it should.. The solution? Healthy eating, enough sleep, exercising regularly & drinking fluids, create a balance & restore our detox cycle. So the products in Boots are really just empty holes you throw money into, when your body does the same job, only more efficient.

Which leads me onto the potato.. (somehow) I made the world's best jacket potato, 6 minutes in the microwave to soften it up, rub some salt into it & bung it in the oven for 20 mins.. Cooked to loveliness, nice & crispy. I used to never make a nice, crispy potato.. Until I read how to do it properly. Much like detox.

See? I told you the 2 subjects were related x

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