Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Double H to the O

Yes that is right, in my white working class home boy stylee, I am indeed going to pen something about water.. That giver & taketh awayer of life, that stuff of ermm. .sloshiness?

Anyway, I digress: Water. We need to it, nay we depend on it, without it we would be dirty stinky dried up husks of dust lying on this planet.. Just bear with me, I will be getting to the point.

Did you know that we had a Super Ice Age called the Cryogenian? It was as if the earth was a giant snowball.. Then plate tectonics saved our precious earth by creating volcanoes that melted the majority of it & caused storms that were beyond description.

The point being, is that water is fabulous.. The ice age bit? Oh I was just putting it in for dramatics, if I has said 'Did you know that last week I saw a cat coughing up a furball' it kinda doesn't have the same oomph does it?

Okay, the recommended amount of water to drink per day is 2 litres. That is a given & is pretty much relied upon.

Now, there has been a study that states the recommended daily amount is 2l of FLUID, not just water.. I'm think what they are saying is that all fluid has water in it, therefore you obtain the water in the same way.

Which is pretty obvious in a way, but it's good for those who stick to something religiously. I get bored of water, say after the 1st mouthful, but knowing this means I can mix & match as it were.

Which is great.. Now I wonder if the same applies to tequila??

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