Thursday, 1 January 2009

1st Blog of 2009..

Hmm? Not exactly sure how I got here.. All I can remember was walking down the street, then it went blank & I ended up here somehow. Maybe my memory will return..

I guess everyone is writing a blog these days so I might as well put in my pennies worth.

My name is Bryan, I have been doing Weight Watchers for a few years & this is my 2nd attempt to lose the weight. The 1st time back in 2005 saw me lose 6 stone in 6 months, I got down to 15 stone 4lbs, then lost it completely. Now I am back, started in Nov 2008 & lost 36 lb in 9 weeks.. Thanks to christmas & new year I believe I have inhaled it all back on, so am waiting impatiently to go back to weigh in next wednesday to see what damage limitation I need to ensue.

So God only knows what weight I am at present..

We shall see x