Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Weighed in just now x

Lost 9lbs!

After putting on 12lbs from last week's weigh in.

Am so pleased.. I have been on fast start all week & reduced my points accordingly to 22 instead of 34 & it has paid off..

The best thing about Fast Start was that I never felt hungry or snacked. Okay I had the odd apple here & there out of hours, but it's an apple.. It wasn't like what I was doing over xmas & going to the take away at 1am & having chips, cheese & mayo, with a double cheeseburger.. So, believe me when I say, an apple is nothing x

So now my points are back to normal & I have to eat them as I would on Fast Start.. It gives me some leeway to be able to make nice things.

But the best thing? I do not feel bloated, I feel lighter.. I feel good about myself.

& in the end, that is what counts x


  1. 9lb!!!! that's insane I'm so Jealous!

    Congrats on the loss...long may it continue xxx

  2. Well done!!!!!!!!!!!

    There' nothing like the feeling of going down in weight i'm sure you feel a stone lighter just by eating the good stuff and ditching the crap!

  3. Well Done ,that's a fantastic result.
    I daren't do fast start and it's only a drop of 5 points so to do it and drop 12 a day is amazing, that's dedication!

  4. well done, thats great! im glad fast start worked for you - i didnt got on well with it at all.. i think im a snacker!

  5. I'm gobsmacked! I did faststart and lost 2.5lb, I mean come on it's just not far, haha.

    Well done. xox