Wednesday, 7 January 2009

1st Meeting at Weight Watchers

Well, that went well..

I went for my 1st weigh in & put on 12lbs! Errr.. I laughed. I had approximated I had put on a stone so I was happy to have been under.

Now I am back on the diet & I am so glad to be on it. I can look forward to food I control & a structure that I didn't have over christmas.

Now is time to put my game face on & get down to this. I lost 36lb in 9 weeks before christmas, so here I go x

On a diet note, I started the challenge for the Axis Of Evil today. I gave them their 1st goal within that challenge.. For one day in this week they have to discard a treat they would normally have & eat a piece of fruit instead. I normally treat myself to a chip barm after Weigh In, but this time I had an orange.. I feel better in a silly way, or is it silly? I have avoided eating junk & had a nice peice of fruit (after my soup) for dinner, not once have I said 'I shouldn't have eaten that' or regretted it either. With that small goal for the challengers, it is just to give a nice feeling & encourage to try eating more fruit. (It's the nurse in me).

Also, speaking of having a soup, I am addicted to the Baxters Spicy Parsnip Soup, it's lovely & filling.. Only 4 points too.

Right, am off to Tesco to do a shop for all my diety needs..

Catch you later x


  1. First one is for fun. Tis the rest of 2009 that counts. Weighing in myself tonight at 6 and expecting a post Christmas/New Year gain.

    gl gl

  2. Good luck pal..

    Lost 6 stone last time I was on WW.