Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Maxims & The Impending Doom.

I have a tattoo with a quote from Tennyson's 'Ulysses' it says "To Strive, To Seek, To Find & Not To Yield", as you can see below...

I have this on my forearm as it gives me strength & helps me get through the bad times. Also, it helps everytime I see myself in the mirror.. I know that to have the body I once had takes time & effort, that quote helps x

I have others, not tattooed (yet), such as "Into Each Life, Some Rain Must Fall" & "Take What You Can Have, Rejoice In What You Can Save, & Do Not Mourn Your Losses Too Long"

I have a passion for poetry & quotes that are strong.. They help. Words are all too much lost sometimes, but if whispered to yourself then they hold meaning, they are yours & that cannot be taken away.

On another note, it's weigh in tomorrow.. Am looking forward to it in a perverse way, if I can lose 3lb tomorrow that is the 12lb I put on over christmas (not mentioning the 6lb I put on before christmas).

We shall see x


  1. I really love your tattoo.
    I've been toying around the idea of having some text done - I have yet to find just the right phrase though.
    The tattoo I have serves somewhat the same purpose but I think words are awesome.
    WOW - I sound like a big nerd when I write that.

    Good on ya.

  2. love those words, will be following you, good luck on those scales in the AM