Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Bryan, The Itch & The Wardrobe..

Once upon a time there was a boy called Bryan, quite a big boy really & not in the "Stop Dobbin Stop, you'll ruin me for life!", more of "Sod the pies, more like who ate the cows!".. Anyway, this 'boy' had a magical wardrobe, for in this wardrobe lived all his clothes that he could not fit into.. It was like a time warp everytime he opened it.

There were unworn jeans, & t shirts that never knew the light of day.. For they had been captured by the dark & evil itch called 'Lard'; now this itch was horrid & she banished the clothes to slavery, never to know the joy of being in daylight or to be worn.

But the clothes had hope, for the boy had started on a path of righteousness & fruit, for he was a weightwatcher. He knew that the only way to beat Lard was to stay on this path he had chosen.

Day by day, week by week, Lard is becoming weaker & her efforts to thwart him have been effortless.. But Lard is tenacious as well as evil & she knows that she can put obstacles in his way, thoughts in his mind to prevent him from freeing the clothes.. If only it gave her time to stop him.

But Bryan is also tenacious & he knows something she doesn't.. That those clothes give him the inspiration to carry on & he will free them.

For the wardrobe is magical & tells Bryan as such x


  1. HI HI! thanks for stopping in! I'll be sure to come back and visit your blog, Looking forward to poking through your past posts!


  2. LMAO where do I go to meet Dobbin? lol.

    Isn't inspiration great! I have some in my drawers too. Keep up the hard work mate. xox