Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Bleak.. But Birdsong rocks!!

Oh I do apologise for the last post.. It seems I wandered into the soul of Darth Vader (pre 'I'm yer dad phase') & went all emo there.

It's Byron's fault, he sends me that way..

Well, it's the eve of judgement day, when I found out due to vast inhalation of lard, how much I have put on. I'm not attempting to kid myself by guessing, but if I am the same weight I was when i started I would not be surprised.. But it happens & to be honest, I am glad I did it, but now I am ready to get back on the diet & skip merrily down the path of weight loss.

Nowt much happening today, although I will have to mention the second part of the title.

About a year ago, I was messing about with my DAB radio & I came upon a station called 'Birdsong', & I have been hooked ever since. It is just a continuous loop of birds singing, about an hours worth & then restarts.. It doesn't sound like fun, but it is the most calming thing I have ever heard, you can read with it as there is no speaking, surf the web etc, it is great to wake up to & just have on all day as a relaxation thing. I urge anyone who has DAB to try it.. My cats seem to like it too.

Ooh & there is a new Nicholas Crane series on tonight, I loved him in Map Man & Great British Journeys, now he is doing 'Britannia' which is a 3 part series with him following William Camden's great map from 1586, & he sets out to find Elizabethan Britain. I can't wait! (BBC2 9pm)

Anyway, have to go, bath awaits x

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