Monday, 6 April 2009


Well, the pizza was to die for.. I was unsure if I should have gone with the Moroccan (Tender lamb, red onions ,diced mango, mozzarella and tomato, fresh mint and a cool yoghurt sauce) or the Chilli Beef (Thin sliced strips of steak, red onions, mozzarella, tomato, mint, coriander and grapes) pizza, so when I asked the waitress for her advice, she said both were nice, so would I like 50/50.. & let me tell you, it was music to my tastebuds :D

The Moroccan side was lovely & smooth, the mango was soft & was easy to spread on the little slices of pizza I cut.. & the Chili Beef was spicy, but not too much & the grapes made it nice & sweet.

Hand made, baked pizza.. About the size of the plate, base was thin but crispy & overall, it looked & tasted lovely. (Just to point out, I'm not getting paid for this blog by the way hee hee)

I estimated the pizza to be 10 points, possibly 15 maximum, as there was no cheddar cheese, what cheese there was was mozzarella & the sauce was nicely applied but not thick..

Oh, Monsters Vs Aliens was hilarious.. It is now up there with my other favourite animations.. So a good day out all round really :D

Have had a good day today, ate well & not felt hungry all day to be honest, just debating what to have for snackage.. I have 3 points left & contemplating fruit.. I bought some clementines yesterday & I love them so much!! Always have loved oranges..

Oh & an interesting thing I did last friday that I didn't mention.. I bought some multipack crisps, but have always left them in the pack.. I read that if left in the pack they came in then you are more at risk of over snacking on them. So I removed them from the large pack & put the small bags in a bowl.. Amazingly it works, as I have crisps left. It's the small things that help sometimes.

Right, off to get my fruit x


  1. Thats bizarre about the crisps. Mine live out of the multipack but in the wall cupboard so they aren't visible - works for me!

  2. i read that about crisps too, and have to say - it works. no idea why, but hey - if it works it works :o) lol

    oh - and i want one of those pizzas now,lol

  3. hi pizza sounds good but hold the lamb for my portion!!! haha

    monster Vs Aliens was pretty good i saw it the other night!

    did u see it in 3d? i thought the effects were fab even if it made me dizzy n i struggled to walk down the steps afterwards!!! haha

    anywho Hail Galaxhar and goodnight!!!