Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Weigh In

Well, I put on half a pound this week.. No surprise really, but I thought I had put on much more than that so am relieved.. Still will not allow it to get me down as the fault is mine alone.

But I went for a really good walk today, it was lovely & sunny.. the canals of manchester are truly awesome & I always use them. It is a shame that some of the canals are hardly used or admired, these are amazing engineering feats, not to mention wonderful to walk down & I never get tired of walking along them.

Still, the manchester network of canals is vast & I have planned out many a route for me & my friend so we get some good views & exercise.. I love this weather!!

Am going to play with my new laptop now.. Am still trying to figure things out..

Being inquisitive is fun x


  1. hiya thanks for your comment. the pics are very un flattering but i think i need to keep posting them so i can eventually look back n see a change!!!

    was looking back at your pics and can see an enormous change in you!!!

    i too like canals its not the coolest thing in the world to like but there is something fastanating about them!! i went to uppermill the other day but was too soggy to walk along the canal path, will have another trry when the weather improves!!! which canals did u go to?

    i've also started to follow u on twitter, not to sure about it myself not got the addiction factor of facebook for me just yet my name on there is Stefi_j x

  2. hi don't seem to have had a twitter request from u!?

    your not that far away. yesterday i had a wander down what i call the valley, its a part of medlock river, and on the old train lines / bridal path where i live, its where my old primary school used to make us to cross country running, i used to think it was miles and miles but its not really that far!!! haha went down a path that i'd never been down before its amazing what u see when your not looking for it, i saw a heron in a reed bed that i didn't even know was there!!!

    right i'm off cos i am waffling!!!