Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Timing Of Tragedy..

Don't worry, the title is not a tragedy as others may percieve. It isn't a 'Oooh a red button, Earth goes Kablooie!' tragedy.. More of aftershocks that seem to be always arriving to attempt to sabotage what little victories I can find.

Why is it that when I manage to get my eating back on track, or my life for that matter, something comes along to try to sabotage it? Does it wait around the corner & attempt to hijack these moments of serenity or nicety?

Either way, that tragedian fecker is not going to ruin anything.. I refuse to get upset. I refuse to sabotage my diet for the sake of some bad news. So I have been jolly good at the moment, eating healthy & sticking to my points, it would be so easy to go out & stuff my face, call it a 'sticky day' & start again after the weekend, but what would be the point in that? & it wouldn't stop at Midnight tonight either, that's for sure.

I had a really nice meal yesterday from Marks & Spencers (for all you US readers, if any, it is a British store that do awful clothes but great food hee hee), it was the Count On Us Range, which is using Weight Watchers points.. Now it is overpriced, but I had the most lovely Thai Green Curry with rice (it had runner beans, sugar snap peas red chillies, baby corn, & chicken in it), the only sour part was the £3.99p tag on the price! But it was too die for & only 6.5 points.

I go to my friends all day saturday & it is so easy to fall into the trap of snacking when playing on the xbox 360.. So I took plenty of fruit, crisps & yoghurts to keep me amused & didn't feel hungry all day.

Am going to watch Monsters Vs Aliens in about 3 hours, but before we go, we are going to this new place opened up in Manchester City Centre called 'Dough'

& have some mega nice pizzas.. As it says on the site, they care about the base as well as the topping, so you can have a choice of different sauces also.. I am going to try & stick within the points by mixing up the bases & toppings to get a optimal but healthy pizza.. Yum!

So am going to go now & get ready.. Was only meant to make this short.

I will report back about the pizza later :D

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