Thursday, 3 September 2009

It has been awhile..

Where were we?

The last Blog I posted was saying I had a sneaky peek on my friends scales & showed I had lost 8.5lb.. So was quite pleased with that.. I was 16 stone 10.5lb & happy.

Well.. I went to official weigh in the week after & was actually 15stone 12.5lb, so if you remove the sneaky peek & take into account I was 17stone 5lb last official weigh in, that is 21.5lb loss!! Over the moon was an understatement..

& last week went again & lost another 4lb, so that put me at 15stone 8.5lb.. half a pound away from a 70lb loss, which is not bad if I do say so myself x

So went to weigh in yesterday afternoon.. & lost another 3lbs!!

So currently I am 15 stone 5.5lbs, which is more than I expected. I am now 19.5lb from goal.. I am aiming for that by christmas..

So all in all, it is has been worth it x


  1. that's bloody brilliant. At the rate you're going you'll be at your goal by christmas for sure. Keep up the great work x

  2. hey!!! i can't believe how well your doing, actually thats a lie its no suprise, can i please have some of your will power!!! i actually lost 3lbs this week no idea how but i'm not knocking it!!!

    good luck for next wi x