Monday, 27 July 2009

Subway :D

Walked into a subway in the city centre after work, to get something for my dinner & the manager saw my uniform.. I got a foot long meal deal for £4.49p, which is a bonus.  And  I got a privilege card, so as long as I go in my uniform then I get this discount.

I knew why there was a reason I enjoy being a nurse hee hee x

I always like subway, as for 10 points I can have a foot long chicken breast, lettuce & light mayonnaise on Honey Oat, & it fills me up until tea time.. Also, having 30 points a day gives me some freedom to enjoy it & not think about it.

Weightwatchers is going well, & when in work I have a structure now so it helps with the diet; & I plan much better now.
Am looking forward to weighing in mid august & seeing how much I have lost.. Am resisting sneaky peeking!

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  1. there are perks in being in the NHS. 2 for 1 at dominoes is another!